Transfer and Advanced Placement Credit Applicability in Purdue College of Agriculture Plans of Study

Increasingly, students matriculate to Purdue academic programs with prior credit for college-level work. Whether this was college work transferred to Purdue, advanced placement credit, or dual-degree credit for work completed while in high school, these are the guidelines regarding credit use.
The Purdue online transfer credit database should be helpful to identify Purdue course equivalents.  Purdue Admissions handles all transfer credit evaluation and instructions are on their page.
If a course shows up on the Purdue transcript with a prefix and number with TR (transfer) or CR (credit), it may be used toward any degree requirement as though the course was completed at Purdue with a passing grade (For example, HIST 10400 TR can be a UCC humanities selection.)  Students cannot receive duplicate credit for the same course and the latest transcript posting applies.  (For example, if a student has CHM 11500 CR on the transcript but chooses to take CHM 11500 for credit and earns an B, only 4 credits of CHM 11500 with the B can apply toward the degree.)
Some transfer and prior work appears on the transcript as undistributed credit. (For example, HIST 1XXXX course.)  These courses are not equivalent to any Purdue course; their use on a plan of study is possible, but not guaranteed.  Students will not receive credit multiple times for repeated identical subject matter.
Advanced Placement (AP) Test scores of 4 or 5 lead to Purdue course equivalents on the transcript and this course listing is included on Purdue Admissions web pages. For applicability of AP credits earned with a 3 on the AP test (which result in undistributed credit) to Purdue Agriculture Plans of Study, refer to the example and table below.
Undistributed credit (AP score of 3 leading to 1XXXX credit) cannot be used to meet University Core requirements; if an Agriculture requirement which is typically used to meet a University Core requirement is met with 1XXXX course, the University Core requirement remains unmet.

Calculus AB/BC with a score of 3 will show up on a Purdue transcript as MA 15555, but is not applicable toward graduation in any College of Agriculture baccalaureate degree programs. However, MA 15555 may be used to fulfull the UCC STS. 
Example: AP credits earned as Biology which show up on a Purdue transcript as BIOL 1XXXX may be used in an Agriculture plan of study as elective unless there are earned Purdue credits in BIOL 11000 (in which case, the BIOL 1XXXX credits are redundant and cannot apply toward the degree).
AP Credits earned as …       
Whic​h show up
on a Purdue
as …

May be used in Agriculture plans
of study the same as...

Unless there are earned Purdue credits in ...
Biology BIOL 1XXXX (Biology) Elective* BIOL 11000
Language and Composition ENGL 1XXXX (Language and Composition) ENGL 10100 ENGL 10600
Literature and Composition ENGL 1XXXX (Literature and Composition) Humanities Selective ENGL 23100
Environmental Science EAPS 1XXXX
(Environmental Science)
Elective* EAPS 11300
Human Geography EAPS 1XXXX
(Human Geography)
Elective* EAPS 12000
European History HIST 1XXXX (European History) Humanities Selective HIST 10400
United States History HIST 1XXXX
(United States History)
Humanities Selective HIST 15100 or HIST 15200
World History HIST 1XXXX
(World History)
Humanities Selective HIST 10500
Government & Politics: Comparative POL 1XXXX (Government &
 Politics: Comparative)
Social Science
POL 14100
Government & Politics: United States POL 1XXXX (Government &
Politics: United States)
Social Science
POL 10100
Macroeconomics ECON 1XXXX (Macroeconomics) Social Science
AGEC 21700 or ECON 21000 or ECON 25200
Microeconomics ECON 1XXXX (Microeconomics) Social Science
AGEC 20300 or ECON 25100
Physics I PHYS 1XXXX
(Physics I)
PHYS 21400 or Elective PHYS 22000
(Physics II)
PHYS 21400 or Elective PHYS 22000 or PHYS 22100
Physics B PHYS 1XXXX
(Physics B)
PHYS 21400 or Elective PHYS 21400 or PHYS 22000
Physics C - Electricity &
(Physics C -
Electricity & Magnetism)
PHYS 21400 or Elective PHYS 27200
Physics C – Mechanics PHYS 1XXXX
(Physics C - Mechanics)
PHYS 21400 or Elective PHYS 17200
Psychology PSY 1XXXX Social Science
PSY 12000
Statistics STAT 1XXXX Elective* STAT 30100
 * Not Applicable to College of Agriculture Mathematics and Sciences Core Requirements


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