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Maria Soledad Sepulveda

Forestry and Natural Resources 

  • Professor of Ecology and Natural Systems & Associate Head of Research
FORS Room 103
195 Marsteller St
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2033

 General Information

Dr. Maria S. (Marisol) Sepúlveda is Professor of Ecotoxicology and Aquatic Animal Health.  She earned a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine degree from Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile; her MS from University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida (Wildlife Ecology); and her PhD from the same University (Veterinary Sciences/Toxicology).  Dr. Sepúlveda’s main area of research is ecotoxicology.  Over the last 20 years, she has conducted extensive research evaluating the sublethal effects of a wide-range of contaminants on numerous aquatic species.  Specifically, Dr. Sepúlveda’s research has focused on understanding the effects of pollutants on reproduction and early life-stage development.  Besides examining whole animal and tissue-level responses to environmental contaminants, Dr. Sepúlveda also investigates the effects of chemicals at the sub-cellular and molecular levels.  She has published over 145 refereed publications, authored 9 books chapters, and presented her research in multiple invited lectures and presentations at national and international conferences.  Analytical Mass Spectrometry Facility, Histology Center

Research Group - Ecology of Natural Systems, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Wildlife Science
Facilities - Purdue Wildlife Area , Aquatic Molecular Biology and Analytical Lab, Aquatic Ecology Research Lab, Aquaculture Research Lab, John S. Wright Center
Related Centers - Center for the Environment, Bindley Bioscience Center, Analytical Mass Spectrometry Facility, Histology Center