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The Purdue Small Farms team has compiled a comprehensive list of resources for our small vegetable farmers. Find information ranging from vegetable management, insect and pest management, and planting calendars. If there is something missing or you need more information, always contact your local extension educator or one of the Small Farm Team members. Start with the following web resources provided by Purdue. Supplemental pdfs, grower guides, and planting calendars may be found below.

  • Vegetable Tips​ is a Purdue Extension website completely dedicated to all things vegetable and includes information from getting started all the way through growing. 
  • NEWCrop is an online program that tries to provide online resources and programming for all crop growers. It is replete with local and national resources. 
  • Purdue Fruit and Vegetable Connection​ specifically targets commercial growers looking for more in-depth resources for fruits and vegetables.
  • Purdue Extension Garden Tips covers a wide range of topics and is applicable to both the commercial grower and the home gardener. It includes helpful links such as the Vegetable Crops Hotline and helpful entomological resources. 

Specific Vegetables

Vegetables are listed in alphabetical order and each one has a link to a Purdue University pdf replete with information concerning growing and management. Don't see what you are looking for? Find additional links listed after the vegetables and never hesitate to contact one of our team members!

Asparagus​ Herbs Rhubarb
Chinese Vegetables Leafy greens Sweet Corn
Cucurbits Onions Sweet Potato
Gourds Potatoes Tomatoes
Green Beans​​ More Tomatoes​ Organic Vegetable Production ​

Pests and Diseases

Resources for pest identification and management in addition to common diseases may be found below:

 ​​Anthracnose of Cucumbers and Melons 

Common Vegetable Insects

Corn Earworm

Downy Mildew of Pumpkin​

Flea Beetles

Fusarium Wilt of Watermelon   ​​

Fungicide Resistance Management 

Gemmy Stem Blight of Melons 

Insect Management

Late Blight (Tomato & Potato)

Pesticides on Potatoes ​ ​​

External Resources


The following documents include calendars and frost dates for farmers. For consumers, helpful recipes for seasonal fruits and vegetables found on Indiana small farms are included as an additional resource.  

​​​​​Hotbeds and Cold Frames 

Additional Resources