Global Partnership in Plant Breeding​

 Global Partnership in Plant Breeding and Genetics

​Plant Breeding is no longer 'the art and science of crop improvement'. Plant breeding is an integration of evolving, related sciences and certainly has human and social relevance for our world's well-being.

Plant Breeding and Genetics at Purdue University brings together corporate, government, and University researchers to create a platform to educate and prepare young scientists for leadership roles in plant breeding. Students research projects focus on genetics and crop germplasm enhancement for abiotic stress tolerance, improved nutrient uptake and utilization, and biotic stress resistance. Students are provided opportunities to participate in classroom and out-of-the-classroom learning activities. ​​

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 Research and Education


 Tangible Results

​​​​Outputs of the program include high caliber graduate students, research presentations and publications, extension bulletins and programs, and graduate research dissertations. A highlight is the multidisciplinary and integrative training to prepare students for leadership roles in industry or academia.​

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