Tony J Vyn
Henry A. Wallace Chair in Crop Sciences
Professor of Agronomy​
Department​: Agronomy
Phone: 765.496.3757
Fax: 765.496.2926
  Office: Lilly Hall, Room# 3-450B

  Area of Expertise: 
Cropping Systems, Tillage​
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Top Row: Late nitrogen (N) application in Indiana’s corn production systems that are enabled by high clearance equipment, and that permit more synchrony between N fertilizer application and the timing of plant N uptake in modern corn hybrids.  Middle Row [left to right]: Strip-till planting an integrated field trial near West Lafayette, IN involving corn hybrids from different decades seeded at multiple plant densities (April 2014), Dr. Tony J. Vyn with graduate student group (May 2014). Bottom Row [left to right]: Dr. Tony J. Vyn with post-doctoral students and visiting scholars from Brazil, China, Hungary and Nigeria (March 2014), Dr. Tony J. Vyn with graduate student group (June 2018)

In the News

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Aug 2018 | Vyn Appointed Henry A. Wallace Chair in Crop Sciences​


Dr. Tony J. Vyn, Henry A. Wallace Chair in Crop Sciences poses with Provost Jay Akridge at the Board of Trustees Meeting on August 3, 2018.
Jul 2017 | Scientists Identify Link Between Plant Nitrogen Uptake and Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

New Extension Publications
May 2018 | McClellan Maaz, T., R. A. Omonode, and T.J. Vyn. 2018. Can lower nitrogen balances and greater recovery by corn reduce N2O emissions? Better Crops 102 (2): 27-30.$FILE/BC-2018-2%20p27.pdf
Aug 2017 | August, 2017. Mueller, S.M. and T.J. Vyn. 2017. The effects of late-season nitrogen applications in corn. Purdue Extension AY-364-W​

Featured Videos
Dec 2020| Hybrid Differences in Nutrient Uptake | 2020 Indiana CCA Conference
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Jan 2018 | Keys to Big Corn: A Lifelong Learning Process | Corn School, Real Agriculture | Southwest Agricultural Conference | Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada
Dec 2017 | Countering Two Criticisms of Modern Corn Production: Increased Nitrogen Fertilizer Dependency and Decreased Nutritional Quality | Purdue University
Jan 2017 | Potassium Placement Strategies for Optimum Nutrient Balance in Modern Corn Hybrids | Frontiers of Potassium Science Conference | Rome, Italy
Mar 2016 | Deep Banding of P and K for More Sustainable Corn Production | Corn School, Real Agriculture | Ontario CCA Annual Conference | London, Ontario, Canada
Dec 2014 | Adjusting Nutrient Management to Modern Corn Hybrids: Achieving Balance​ | 2014 Alabama Corn Short Course | Auburn, Alabama 
Jan 2013 | Managing Potassium and Nitrogen for Corn in Dryer Soil Conditions​ | Corn School, Real Agriculture | Southwest Agricultural Conference | Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada
Jan 2013 | Managing Your Corn for Drought Tolerance​ | Corn School, Real Agriculture | Southwest Agricultural Conference | Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada 

Refereed Publications (starting from most recent) 
Lifetime count: > 120  
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    This article, with >420 citations to date, in Field Crops Research, an int’l. journal with an Impact Factor of 5.24 (began publication in 1978).
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