Qianlai Zhuang
William F. and Patty J. Miller Professor of Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences
Professor of Agronomy
Department: Agronomy

Curriculum Vitae​​

Ph.D.- University of Alaska at Fairbanks
Research Interests
Dr. Zhuang's research focuses on the interactions among atmosphere, biosphere, and human dimension in the context of climate change, chemical element cycles, and policy-making. One of his major research activities is on carbon exchanges between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere by investigating how changes of climate, soil physics (e.g., permafrost dynamics, change of soil moisture), atmospheric chemicals (e.g., CO2 and O3), land-use and land-cover (e.g., fire disturbances), affect the carbon assimilation and decomposition with both process-based and inversion modeling approaches. His second major research activity is on modeling CH4 exchanges between the atmosphere and terrestrial ecosystems. His third major research activity is on analyzing consequences of air pollutants for ecosystem services and the economy. In the Laboratory of Ecosystems and Biogeochemical Dynamics at Purdue, his research group will continue using numerical models combining lab, field, in-situ observations and remotely-sensed data to study:
  1. Dynamics of structure and functioning of ecosystems including agricultural ecosystems;
  2. Dynamics of major greenhouse gases cycling including CO2, CH4, and N2O;
  3. Feedbacks of ecosystems and biogeochemical dynamics to the climate and society.
Teaching Interests
Ecosystems Dynamics; Biogeochemical Dynamics; Large-Scale Ecology; Principles of Terrestrial Ecosystems; Global Change Biology; Interactions of Biosphere-Atmosphere.

Awards and Honors
  • 08/01/2015 – 07/31/2018, Department of Energy / Chapman University: Understanding mechanistic controls of heterotrophic CO 2 and CH4 fluxes in a peatland with deep soil warming and atmospheric CO2 enrichment (PI in collaboration with Scott Bridgham and Jason Keller), $416,551 out of $1,495,783
  • 05/01/2014 – April/30/2017 NSF, Collaborative Research: Forest Productivity and Hydrological Patterns Regulate Methane Fluxes From Peatlands in the Amazon Basin (Principal Investigator: Qianlai Zhuang, in collaboration with Hinsby Cadillo-Quiroz at Arizona State University and Joost van Haren at University of Arizona) $103,000 out of $729,999
  • 04/2014 - 04/2017, NASA-LCLUC: Regional and Global Climate and Societal Impacts of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change in Northern Eurasia: A Synthesis Study Using Remote Sensing Data and An Integrated Global System Model (Lead PI in collaboration with Jerry Melillo, John Reilly, Andrei Sokolov, David Kicklighter, Sergey Paltsev, Erwan Monier, Nadejda Tchebakova, Andrey Sirin, Elena Kukavskaya, Mikhail Glagolev), $855,934
  • 12/2013 - 11/2016, USGS, Assessing Wetland Methane Emissions in Alaska (PI: Qianlai Zhuang) $156,159
  • 08/01/2012 - 07/31/2015, Department of Energy / U. of Oregon, Understanding the Mechanisms Underlying Heterotrophic CO2 and CH4 Fluxes in a Peatland with Deep Soil Warming and Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment (PI in collaboration with Scott Bridgham and Jason Keller), $124,370
  • 09/2011-08/2014, Department of Energy, Collaborative Research: Quantifying Climate Feedbacks of the Terrestrial Biosphere under Thawing Permafrost Conditions in the Arctic (Lead PI in collaboration with C. A. Schlosser at MIT, J. M. Melillo at MBL, Woods Hole MA, and K. Anthony Walter at UAF), $540,000 out of $1,620,000
  • 09/2010-08/2014, NSF - CDI -Type II: Collaborative Research: A Paradigm Shift in Ecosystem and Environmental Modeling: An Integrated Stochastic, Deterministic, and Machine Learning Approach (Lead PI in collaboration with M. Crawford, H. Zhang, D. Xiu, J. Zhang at Purdue, J. Melillo at MBL, and J. Reilly at MIT), $1,591,428 out of $1,941,424
  • 08-2009-07/2012, NSF - Collaborative Research: Impacs of Climate Seasonality on Carbon Accumulation and Methane Emissions of Alaskan Ecosystems during the Holocene Thermal Maximum (PI in collaboration with Z. Yu, B. Felzer, and M. Jones), $292.918 out of $602,386
  • 04/2009-03/2012, NASA Land-Use and Land-cover Change Program - Changes of Land Cover and Land Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Northern Eurasia: Impacts on Human Adaptation and Quality of Life at Regional and Global Scales (Lead PI with J. M. Melillo, D. Kicklighter, J. Reilly, A. Shvidenko, N. Tchebakova, E. Parfenova, A. Peregon, A. Sirin, S. Maksyutov, and G. Zhou), $824,701
  • 09/2008 -08/2013, Department of Energy / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Investigation of the Magnitudes and Probabilities of Abrupt Climate Transitions (IMPACTS) (In collaboration with Bill RIley, Mac Post, and Margaret Torn), $75,000
  • 07/2008-07/2011, Department of Energy — Quantifying Climate Feedbacks from Abrupt Changes in High-Latitude Trace-gas Emissions (PI in collaboration with A. Schlosser, J. Melillo, K. Walter), $89,999 out of $560,000.
  • 09/2007-09/2010, Department of Energy — Analysis of global economic and environmental impacts of a substantial increase in bioenergy production (PI in collaboration with Wally Tyner and Tom Hertel), $209,900 out of $659,783.
  • 09/2007-09/2010, NASA Earth System Science Fellowship: Improving a process-based biogeochemistry model using an atmospheric transport chemistry model and in-situ and remotely-sensed terrestrial and atmospheric data — Mr. Jinyun Tang, $84,000.
  • 01/2007-12/2011, NSF Biocomplexity - Carbon and Water in the Earth System: Collaborative Research: Impact of Permafrost Degradation on Carbon and Water in Boreal Ecosystems. Lead PI with Jennifer Harden, Robert Striegl, Yuri Shur, and Torre Jorgenson. Award amount: $756,578 out of $1,693,883.
  • 08/2005-09/2008, NSF - Collaborative Research: Synthesis of Artic System Carbon Cycle Research through Model-Data Fusion Studies Using Atmospheric Inversion and Process-Based Approaches. PI with Dave McGuire, Jerry Melillo, and Michael Follows. Award amount: $245,883 out of $1,179,591.
  • 01/2006-01/2008, NSF - National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS). Toward an Adequate Quantification of CH4 Emissions from Land Ecosystems: Integrating Field and In-situ Observations, Satellite Data, and Modeling. Lead PI with Jerry Melillo, Ron Prinn, and Dave McGuire. Award Amount: $103,350.
  • 01/2007-12/2007, The Energy Center, Discovery Park, Purdue University - Global Biomass and Bioenergy Supply in a Coupled Natural and Human System. Lead PI with Wally Tyner. Award amount: $50,000.
  • 01/2007-12/2007, The Center for Environment, Purdue University - Quantifying Carbon Sequestrations across Indiana's Forest Landscapes. PI with Guofan Shao, Phillip Pope, Charles Michler, Melba Crawford. Award amount: $30,000.
  • 1997, Award of the Excellence (First Place) of Advances of Science and Technology of China for the project "The Scientific Database and Management Systems", Beijing, P. R. China.
Professional Experience
  • 2014 - present: Professor, Departments of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, and Agronomy, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
  • 2010 - 2014: Associate Professor, Departments of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, and Agronomy, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
  • 2005 - 2010: Assistant Professor, Departments of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, and Agronomy, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
  • 2001 - 2005: Post-Doctoral Scientist, theEcosystems Center of Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA; Associate Professor, (January - June 2005), Institute of Atmospheric Sciences, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  • 1997 - 2001: Research Assistant, Department of Biology and Wildlife, the Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska at Fairbanks
  • 1988 - 1997: Research Assistant in the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, P. R. China, System Engineer and Analyst, the information Center of Ministry of Personnel of P. R. China
Selected Publications
  • Parmentier, F.-J. W., W. Zhang, Y. Mi, X. Zhu, J. van Huissteden, D. J. Hayes, Q. Zhuang, A. D. McGuire, and T. R. Christensen, Methane emissions from the terrestrial Arctic and its relationship to sea-ice retreat, in press in GRL.
  • Hao, G., Q. Zhuang*, J. Pan, Q. Zhu, Y. He, and Z. Jin, Soil heterotrophic respiration and carbon dynamics of forest ecosystems in the conterminous United States, in press in Climatic Change.
  • Jiang, Y., A. V. Rocha, E. B. Rastetter, G. R. Shaver, U. Mishra, Q. Zhuang, B. L. Kwiatkowski, C-N-P interactions control climate driven changes in regional patterns of C storage on the North Slope of Alaska, in press in Landscape Ecology.
  • Zhu, Q., and Q. Zhuang*, Influence of data length and data coverage on parameterization and quantification of terrestrial ecosystem carbon dynamics, in press in Ecosphere.
  • Zhuang, Q., X. Zhu, Y. He, C. Prigent, J. M. Melillo, A. D. McGuire, R. G. Prinn, and D. W. Kicklighter, Influence of Changes in Wetland Inundation Extent on Net Fluxes of Carbon Dioxide and Methane in Northern High Latitudes from 1993 to 2004, Environ. Res. Lett. 10 (2015) 095009. Environ. Res. Lett.
  • Wang, G., Zhang, L., Zhuang, Q., Yu, D., Shi, X., Xing, S., Xiong, D., Liu, Y. Quantification of the soil organic carbon balance in the Tai-Lake paddy soils of China, Soil and Tillage Research, Volume 155, January 2016, Pages 95-106, ISSN 0167-1987, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.still.2015.08.003.
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