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PIFB Quarterly Newsletter, Spring 2022

Skills and Requirements for Agricultural Jobs by Brady Brewer, Nathan DeLay, and Douglas Abney

Retirement or Training the Next Generation? Framing Succession in the Family Business by Renee Wiatt and Maria I. Marshal

Effective Goal Setting for Your Business by Brenna Ellison

Assessing Technology Management Skills by Michael Langemeier

2020-2021 PIFB Report

Learn all about PIFB's highlighted activities from 2020-2021!

PIFB Quarterly Newsletter: 2022 Winter Succession Special Issue

• First Steps in Succession Planning by Krista Pullen, Renee Wiatt and Maria Marshall 

• Insuring Your Farm Assets to Value by Courtney Schmidt

• Barriers to Developing Your Succession Plan by Jenna Nees 

 Operating and Buy-Sell Agreements by Ed Farris

• Four Common Issues in Succession Planning by Kyle Weaver

PIFB Quarterly Newsletter, Fall 2021: A Retrospective Analysis of PIFB Questions of the Month

Maintaining Family Bonds: Different Approaches to Conflict by Maria Marshall & Renee Wiatt

Estate and Personal Financial Planning: Sharing Info on Compensation, Benefits, Estate Plans, and Gifts by Renee Wiatt

Strategic Business Planning: Priorities of Goals in Family Businesses by Renee Wiatt

Leadership and Succession Planning: Incumbent and Successor Preparedness for Succession by Renee Wiatt

Special Questions on COVID-19 by Renee Wiatt

PIFB Quarterly Newsletter: 2021 Summer Marketing Edition

Market Development for Your Product by Joan Fulton & Renee Wiatt

Determining the Value Proposition for Your Product by Joan Fulton & Maria Marshall

Creating Financial Projections by Renee Wiatt & Joan Fulton

Alternative Funding Sources by Joan Fulton & Maria Marshall

PIFB Quarterly Newsletter: 2021 Spring Edition

To Post or Not to Post: The Need and Use of Social Media Policies by Maria I. Marshall

Succession Planning: Can Communication be a Competitive Advantage? by Renee Wiatt

Why Are Small Business Relations with Community Banks Important? by Zuzana Bednarikova

Work and Life Harmony by Heather Strohm

PIFB Quarterly Newsletter: 2021 Winter Edition (Succession Edition)

Financial Contingency Planning and the Feasibility of Adding a Family Member to the Operation by Ed Farris, Nick Held, & Michael Langemeier

Do You Have a Plan for Your Assets? (If Not, Indiana Has a Plan for Them) by Denise Schroeder & Thomas A. Appel, P.C.

Conflict Management and Resolution in the Family Business by Linda Curley, Renee Wiatt & Maria I. Marshall

Contingency Planning for Your Farm Business by Renee Wiatt & Maria Marshall

PIFB Quarterly Newsletter: 2020 Fall Edition (Financial Edition)

Cash Flow Problems and Resource Intermingling: Do They Affect Small Business Recovery and Resilience in the Wake of a Natural Disaster?  by Renee Wiatt, Yoon Lee, Maria Marshall, & Virginia S. Zuiker

How Much Debt Can a Farm Carry?  by Michael Langemeier

Small Business Cashflow Problems and Strategies during the COVID-19 Pandemic  by Maria I. Marshall

Measuring Farm Profitability  by Michael Langmeier

PIFB Quarterly Newsletter: 2020 Summer Edition (Special Research Edition)

The Reciprocal Involvement of Family Business Owners and Communities in Business Success by Jennifer Johnson Jorgensen, Diane Masuo, Linda Manikowske & Yoon Lee

Small Firm Success after a Natural Disaster: Do Individual and Aggregate Community Capital Matter? by Yoon Lee & George Haynes

Bouncing Back Better: From Resilience to Regeneration by Sandra Sydnor, Renee Wiatt, Jonathon Day, & Maria I. Marshall

The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Businesses: The Small Business Pulse Survey by Maria I. Marshall

PIFB Quarterly Newsletter: 2020 Spring Edition, COVID-19​

Managing Your Social Media During Covid-19 by Ariana Torres

SBA Help for Small (and Family) Businesses by Renee Wiatt & Maria I. Marshall

Which Industries and States are Most Successful in Securing Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) Loans? by George Haynes

Navigating a Crisis You Didn't Ask for by Holly Schrank & Anna Josephson

PIFB Quarterly Newsletter: 2020 Winter Edition, Succession Planning​

Defining Your Dreams: Personal and Professional Goal Setting by Renee Wiatt & Maria I. Marshall

Financing Your Dream: Developing and Living within a Budget by Denise Schroeder

Making Your Dream a Reality: Speaking with Your Lender by Jenna Nees

Financial Preparedness Strategies by Ed Farris

Transferring Operations or Ownership to the Next Generation: Handoffs to First Time Farmers and Non-Relatives by Julia Valliant

PIFB Quarterly Newsletter: 2019 Fall Edition​

In a Family Business, Is Profit an Input or an Output? by Maria I. Marshall

Top 3 Branding Strategies for Your Family Business by Ariana Torres

The Emotional Side of Succession Planning in Family Farm Businesses by Diane Masuo & James Tamayose

Growth (and Even Survival) Require Increased Sales by Glenn Muske

PIFB Quarterly Newsletter: 2019 Summer Edition​

PIFB: Why the Name Change?

All Family Businesses Need Some Type of Governance by Maria I. Marshall

Why Advisors Need to Meet EVERYONE in the Family by Renee Wiatt

The Differing Values Within the Family Business by Glenn Muske

Does Insurance Aid in Small Business Recovery Following a Natural Disaster? by Renee Wiatt & Maria I. Marshall

PIFF Quarterly Newsletter: 2019 Spring Edition​

Valuation of Agricultural Land for Business Transfer Decisions by Michael Langemeier

Estate Planning - What Tools Are Available? Part II by Craig Dobbins

Budgeting for the Family in the Family Business by Jennifer Pendergast

Do You Want Your Succession Plan to Stay Safe? by Andrew B. Martin

PIFF Quarterly Newsletter: 2019 Winter Edition​ - Succession Planning

Purdue Succession Planning Team

Building a Succession Advisory Team by Andrew Martin

Estate Planning - What Tools Are Available? by Craig Dobbins

Power of Attorney: Why Do You Need One? by Renee Wiatt

Farm Safety While Aging in Place by Linda Curley

PIFF Quarterly Newsletter: 2018 Fall Edition​

Sustainability: Some Tips on Protecting Your Business from a Natural Disaster by Holly Schrank, Anna Josephson & Maria Marshall

More People, More Problems? Governance is Family Business by Maria Marshall

Selling Your Business to Your Other “Family” - Using an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) for Business by Corey Rosen

Family-Owning Businesses and Mindfulness: Building a Case for Better Strategy and Family Cohesion by Sandra Sydnor

PIFF Quarterly Newsletter: 2018 Summer Edition​

5 Social Media Best Practices That Can Help You Increase Sales by Ariana Torres

Life Happens by Glenn Muske

Is Your Family Business Ready for Social Media? by Diane Masuo, Jacqueline Tani & James Tamavose

We're a 'What'? The Search for the Elusive Copreneurial Couple by Glenn Muske & Margaret Fitzgerald

PIFF Quarterly Newsletter: 2018 Spring Edition​, Succession Planning

Buy-Sell Agreements (Sometimes Called a "Business Will") by Andrew B. Martin

Caring for the Caregiver by Linda Curley

Long Term Care by Jenna Nees

Retirement Planning by Amanda Dickson

PIFF's 2017 Annual Report​

     Learn all about PIFF's inaugural year!

PIFF Quarterly Newsletter: 2018 Winter Edition​

Policies Before Problems by Maria I. Marshall

Making a List and Checking It Twice: The Importance of Inventorying Farm Assets by Nicole Olynk Widmar and Courtney Bir

Small Business Smarts: Involving the Family in the Business by Glenn Muske

Next Steps to Successfully Growing Future Farm Generations

PIFF Quarterly Newsletter: 2017 Fall Edition​

Workshop helps answer the question, "Who gets the family farm?"

Should I Form a Business Entity? by Ryan Conklin

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Pricing Your Products by Ariana Torres

Notification of Farm Lease Termination by Gerald Harrison

Dividing Business Income by Michael Langemeier

PIFF Quarterly Newsletter: 2017 Summer Edition​

Transferring Business Management by Michael Langemeier

Retirement in the Family Business by Renee Wiatt

Got Conflict? by Maria I. Marshall

Gender and Business Owner Satisfaction by Wenxuan Li and Maria I. Marshall

PIFF Quarterly Newsletter: 2017 Spring Edition​

What is Sweat Equity by Michael Langemeier

Quality Management and Business Planning by Maria I. Marshall

Choosing a Successor by Renee Wiatt

Fairness in the Family Business by Renee Wiatt

PIFF Quarterly Newsletter: 2017 Winter Edition​

Family Business Income Taxation by Gerald Harrison

Updated Business Planner Tool to Aid Family Businesses by Maria I. Marshall

Ownership vs. Management Transfer by Renee Wiatt

Introducing a New Family Business Functionality Assessment by Renee Wiatt

PIFB Video Handouts (YouTube)

What Is a Family Business?

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