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About our graduate studies program:

The agricultural economics curriculum at Purdue University is in the tradition of the Land Grant College philosophy: knowledge for the improvement of the human condition. Sound judgment, rigorous analysis and ability to define and solve problems are the goals of the professional agricultural economist. Our program endeavors to create a challenging environment of scholarship, creativity and freedom of intellectual inquiry.

The Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy programs in Purdue's Department of Agricultural Economics provide excellent preparation for students seeking professional positions in higher education, public service, and private industry. Each program is founded on a strong base in economic theory and quantitative research tools. This training is combined with coursework focusing on applications of theory and analytical methods to problem-solving, in any of the areas of specialization a student chooses. Coursework usually is followed by a research experience that develops the student's ability to apply skills learned in the classroom.

Graduate Student Career Placement

Dr. Jake Ricker-Gilbert is the graduate student placement coordinator for the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue. In this video, he talks about his role as placement coordinator and the ways that the Ag Econ department helps graduate students prepare for the job market.

Recent graduate career placements (select MS or PhD below to view):

Below is a list of positions taken by our recent graduates. Note: the job placement listed on this site is typically the first job taken by the graduate student and may not reflect their current position. 

*We are actively working to update our placements information. Below are a few of our recent placements from our MS and PhD program. We apologize for the delay and hope to provide complete information very soon.

  • Francisco Albert Scott (Ph.D. ’21) Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • Kendra Morrissette (Ph.D. ’21) Consultant, EY
  • Chun Song (Ph.D. ’21) Econometrician, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Rome
  • Alma Cortés Selva (Ph.D. ‘21) Assistant Director for Research, Moody’s Analytics
  • Emiliano López Barrera (Ph.D. ’21) Assistant Visiting Professor, Texas A&M
  • Travis Atkinson (Ph.D. ’20) Associate Economist, NYISO
  • Laura Leavens (M.S. ‘20) Research Analyst, International Food Policy Research Institute
  • Tabitha Nindi (Ph.D. ’20) Research Fellow, Malawi University of Science and Technology
  • Courtney Bir (Ph.D. ’20) Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University
  • Hira Chana (Ph.D. ’19) World Bank, Young Professionals Program

PhD Projects, Advisors and Placements, 2009-2017 

  • Akuffo, Akua “Fish Consumption and Accessibility and the Implications for Household Nutrition and Food Security in Ghana and Tanzania” (Advisors: Kwamena Quaqrainie and Gerald Shively; placement: TBD). 
  • Dobis, Elizabeth “The Evolution of the American Urban System: History, Hierarchy, and Contagion” (Advisors: Michael Delgado and Raymond J.G.M. Florax; placement: TBD). 
  • Giraldo, Juan “Welfare Impact of Virtual Trading on Wholesale Electricity Markets” (Advisor: Paul Preckel; placement: Monitoring Analytics, Eagleville, PA). 
  • Josephson, Anna “Household Decision Making under Stress: Three Essays on Agricultural Production in Southern Africa” (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: Assistant Professor, University of Arizona). 
  • Kadjo, Didier “Storage, Adverse Selection, and Buffer Stock Releases in Benin’s Rural Maize Markets” (Advisor: Jacob Ricker-Gilbert; placement: TBD). 
  • Kim, Ayoung “Productivity in the US: The Economics Consequences of Regional Agglomeration and Immigration Policy” (Advisor: Michael Delgado; placement: TBD). 
  • Levano, Luis Pena “Carbon Taxes, Forest Carbon Sequestration, Climate Induced Crop Yield Changes, and their Interactions” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement, Lecturer, University of Florida). 
  • Liu, Yangxuan “Economic Benefit Analysis of the Late Blight Forecasting Systems” (Advisor: Michael Langemeier; placement: Assistant Professor, Eastern Kentucky University). 
  • Omiat, George “Economic Development and Child Nutrition in Uganda: (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: Assistant Professor, Makerere University, Uganda). 
  • Song, Jingyu “Pixel Level Land Use Allocation via Quasi-maximum Likelihood Estimation” (Coadvisors: Michael Delgado and Paul Preckel; placement: Instructor, Economics Department, Truman State University, Kirksville, MO). 
  • Wang, Yanbing “Economic Analyses of Business Decisions, Environmental Sustainability, and Policies” (Advisors: Michael Delgado and H. Holly Wang; placement: Post-doctoral researcher, Purdue University School of Engineering Education, West Lafayette, IN).


  • Allen, Benajmin W. “The Impact of the Foot and Mouth Disease Control Pathway on Milk Production in India” (Advisor: Philip Paarlberg; placement: Elanco). 
  • Amankwah, Akuffo “Subsidies, Aquaculture Technology Adoption, and Welfare Impacts in Ghana and Kenya” (Advisors: Kwamena Quagrainie and Paul Preckel; placement: Agricultural Economist, The World Bank, Abuja, Nigeria). 
  • Boussios, David A. “Modeling of a Cereal-Livestock Production System in Karak, Jordan: A Dynamic Stochastic Programming Approach” (Advisor: Paul Preckel; placement: Agricultural Economist USDA/ERS). 
  • Byrd, Elizabeth Sheryl “A Unique Perspective on the Demand for Livestock Product Attributes” (Major Professor: Nicole Widmar; placement: Assistant Professor, University of West Virginia). 
  • Carriere, Danielle E. “Resilience, Suicide, and Enrollment in Higher Education: Three Essays on Impacts of Recession” (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: Research Associate, Montana State University). 
  • Darko, Francis A. “Essays on Malawian Agriculture: Micro-Level Welfare Impacts of Agricultural Productivity; Profitability of Fertilizer Use; and Targeting of Fertilizer Subsidy Programs” (Advisor: Jacob Ricker-Gilbert; placement: The World Bank, Jakarta, Indonesia). 
  • Halimi, Ghulam H. “Trade and Agriculture Policy Options to Improve the Wheat Subsector in Afghanistan” (Advisor: Philip C. Abbott; placement: Ministry of Agriculture, Afghanistan).
  • Hatzenbuehler, Patrick Lee “Food Security Crop Price Transmission and Formation in Nigeria” (Advisor: Phillip Abbott; placement: Agricultural Economist, The World Bank, Abuja, Nigeria). 
  • Peters, Jeffrey Christopher “Electric Power and the Global Economy: Advances in Database Construction and Sector Representation” (Advisor: Thomas Hertel; placement: post-doc, Stanford University). 
  • Stutzman, Sarah “U.S. Farm Capital Investment 1996-2013: Differences by Farm Size and Operator Primary Occupation” (Advisor: Timothy Baker; placement: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis). 
  • Sun, Shanxia “Behavioral Responses and Policy Evaluation: Revisiting Water and Fuel Policies” (Advisors: Juan Sesmero and Michael Delgado; placement: post-doc, Purdue University). 
  • Torres Bravo, Ariana P. “Three Essays Analyzing the Role of Social Capital on Individual and Firm Decision Making” (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: Assistant Professor, Horticulture and Agricultural Economics, Purdue University). 


  • Akgul, Zeynep “Modeling, Empirics and Policy Implications of Firm Heterogeneity in International Trade” (Advisors - Thomas Hertel and Nelson Villoria; placement: Post-Doc, GTAP, Purdue University). 
  • Li, Xiaofei “The Agriculture-Urbanization Nexus in Economics: Three Empirical Studies” (Advisors: Raymond Florax and Brigitte Waldorf; placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University). 
  • Lu, Liwei “An Assessment of the Efficacy and Cost of Alternative Carbon Mitigation Policies for the State of Indiana” (Advisor: Paul V. Preckel; placement: State Utility Forecasting Group, Purdue University). 
  • Michler, Jeffrey “Agriculture, Food Security, and the Environment: Three Essays on Microeconomic Challenges in Rural Development (Advisor: Joseph Balagtas; placement: Post Doc, University of Illinois; currently Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan). 
  • Ouraich, Ismail “Agriculture, Climate Change, and Adaptation in Morocco: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Post-Doc, Sweden). 
  • Raszap Skorbiansky, Sharon “Communication, Home Bias and Social Capital” (Advisor: Steven Wu; placement: Rice Market Economist, National Rice Company, San Francisco, CA). 
  • Rosch, Stephanie “Why don’t Small-Scale Supply French Bean Export Markets in Kenya?” (Advisor: Stephen Wu; placement: USDA, Washington, DC).
  • Thapa, Ganesh “Economic Development and Child Nutrition in Nepal” (Advisor: Gerald Shively; initial placement: Consultant, International Food Policy Research Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal; currently Economist, World Bank Group, Kathmandu, Nepal). 
  • Yadavalli, Anita “U.S. School Quality: The Public Benefits of Primary and Secondary Education” (Advisors: Raymond Florax and Lawrence DeBoer; placement: Fiscal Analyst at Indiana Legislative Services Agency, Indianapolis, IN). 
  • Yun, Seong Do “Economic Dynamics of Movement Environmental Changes and Spatial Spillover” (Advisors: Raymond Florax and Benjamin Gramig; placement: post-doc, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University; currently Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University). 


  • Baldos, Uris Lantz “Essays on Productivity Growth in Agriculture” (Advisor: Thomas Hertel; placement: Post-Doc, GTAP, Purdue University). 
  • Haque, Samiul “U.S. Commodity Support Payments: On Allocation of Resources and Fairness, Post 1996” (Advisor: Kenneth Foster; placement: Lecturer, Macalester College). 
  • Hussein, Zekarias “Three Essays on Climate Change, Mitigation Policy, and Poverty in Developing Countries” (Advisor: Terrie Walmsley; placement: Post-Doc, GTAP, Purdue University). 
  • Ibrahim Wahamane Djido, Abdoulaye “The Economics of an Extension Program in Maradi, Niger” (Advisor: John Sanders; placement: Consulting, Niger). 
  • Li, Liang “Analysis of Cropland Switching in General Equilibrium Modeling: Applications to Biofuels” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Data Analyst in Healthcare, Portland, Oregon). 
  • Liu, Jing “Three Essays on the Water-Food-Climate Nexus” (Advisor: Thomas Hertel; placement: Post-Doc, GTAP, Purdue University). McDonald, Tia “Success and Resilience: Three Essays Analyzing Small Business Behavior Using Multivariate Estimation Techniques” (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: Lecturer, Ohio University). 
  • McDonald, Tia “Success and Resilience: Three Essays Analyzing Small Business Behavior Using Multivariate Estimation Techniques” (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: Lecturer, Ohio University).
  • O’Rear, Eric Glennard “Essays on Alternative Energy Policies Affecting the US Transportation Sector” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Research Economist, National Institute of Standards and Technology). 
  • Perkis, David “Energy Production, Distribution, and Pollution Controls: Combining Engineering and Economics Analysis to Enhance Efficiency and Policy Design” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University). 
  • Remble, Amber “Essays on Modeling Farm Policy in the Post-Subsidy Era” (Advisor: Roman Keeney; placement: Faculty, University of Wisconsin: River Falls). 


  • Clarke, Shellye A. “Measuring the Economic Tradeoffs Between Forest Carbon Sequestration and Forest Bioenergy Production” (Advisors: Gerald Shively and Wallace Tyner; placement: Economist, USDA ERS). 
  • Davis, Clay D. “Three Essays on the Effect of Wind Generation on Power System Planning and Operations” (Advisor: Paul Preckel; placement: New York Independent System Operator, Albany, NY. Current position: Boulder, CO). 
  • English, Alicia “Environmental Tradeoffs in Bioenergy Production and Agricultural Practices” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Director, Center for Energy and Natural Resources, Fulbright Program, Kosovo). 
  • Irfanoglu, Zeynep Burcu “Three Essays on the Interaction Between Global Trade and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Agreements” (Advisors: Thomas Hertel and Juan Sesmero; placement: Post-Doc Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University). 
  • Mohamed, Azza Mohamed Kamal “Welfare Impacts of False Codling Moth Threatening California Oranges” (Advisor: Philip Paarlberg; placement: Egyptian Government). 
  • Sanders, Daniel “Essays on Basis” (Advisor: Timothy Baker; placement: Teays River Investments, Zionsville, IN). 
  • Treesilvattanakul, Krissana “Impacts and Feasibility of the US and the EU Sustainability Criteria on Existing Land-Use Practices” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Faculty, Department of Agro-Industrial Technology, Kasetsart University, Thailand). 


  • Ortega, David “An Economic Exposition of Chinese Food Safety Issue” (Advisor: H. Holly Wang; placement: Assistant Professor, Michigan State University). 
  • Wu, Ce “The Myth and Mystery of Vietnam’s Economic and Labor Demand Growth” (Advisor: Philip Abbott; placement: Assistant Professor, School of Business and Leadership, Indiana Wesleyan University). 


  • Beckhusen, Julia “The Role of Human Capital in International Migration” (Advisor: Raymond Florax and Brigitte Waldorf; placement: Census Bureau, Washington DC). 
  • Cakir, Metin “Essays on Industrial Organization of U.S. Dairy Markets” (Advisor: Joseph Balagtas; placement: Faculty, Department of Applied Economics, University of Minnesota). 
  • Lakatos, Csilla “Beyond Trade in Goods: The Role of Investment and Knowledge Capital in Applied Trade Policy” (Advisor: Terrie Walmsley; placement: Visiting Fellow, United States International Trade Commission and Research Economist at the Center for Global Trade Analysis, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University). 
  • Otoo, Miriam “Key Factors Necessary for the Development of a Value-Added Cowpea Subsection in West Africa: the Case of Cowpea Flour” (Advisor: Joan Fulton; placement: Researcher with International Water Management Institute). 
  • Snyder, Samantha “Spatial Dynamics of Urban Development: School Competition and Public Housing Policy” (Advisor: Raymond Florax; placement: Research Economist, USDA/ERS. Current position: Maclester College). 
  • Ward, Patrick “Four Essays on Risk and Vulnerability” (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: International Food Policy Research Institute). 


  • Birur, Dileep Kotturappa “Global Impact of Biofuels on Agriculture, Trade, and Environment: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis” (Advisors: Wallace Tyner and Thomas Hertel; placement: Research Economist, RTI International). 
  • Canchi, Devendra “Financial Transmission Rights: Valuation and Auction Structure” (Advisor: Paul Preckel; placement: Monitoring Analytics, Eagleville, PA). 
  • Delbecq, Benoit “Economic Impacts of Urban Growth and Urban Sprawl on Agriculture: A Spatial analysis of Land Use Change at the Urban-rural Fringe” (Advisor: Raymond Florax; placement: Agricultural Economist, USDA. Current position: Farm Manager, Brechbill Farms, Inc.). 
  • Ge, Yuanlong “Three Essays on Price Analysis of Selected Agricultural Commodities” (Advisor: H. Holly Wang; placement: Economist, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, Olympia, WA). 
  • Helmers, Claes Gustav “The Importance of Ownership Form and spatial Location in the Lodging Industry: An Empirical Analysis of the Hotel Sector in Texas” (Advisors: Raymond Florax and John Connor; placement: Faculty, Murray State University. Current position: Swedish Government). 
  • Hubbs, Joseph Todd “Exploring Macroeconomic Impacts on Agricultural Spot Markets with Time Series Methods” (Advisor: Timothy Baker; placement: Faculty, University of Wisconsin: River Falls; currently Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign). 
  • Leister, Amanda “Potential Implications of the World Trade Organization Special Safeguard Mechanism in Agriculture” (Advisor: Thomas Hertel; placement: Faculty, Colorado State University). 
  • Roucan-Kane, Maud “How Do Food and Agribusiness Companies Select Their Product Innovation Projects?” (Advisor: Allan Gray; placement: Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University; currently Purpan University, Toulouse, France). 
  • Ubilava, David “Nonlinear Multivariate Modeling and Forecasting of Commodity Prices” (Advisor: Matthew Holt; placement: The University of Sydney, Australia). 
  • Verma, Monika “Assessing the Poverty Impact When Commodity Prices are Volatile” (Advisor: Thomas Hertel; placement: post-doc, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment). 

  • Aguiar, Angel H. “An Analysis of U.S. Immigration and Policy Reforms” (Advisor: Terrie Walmsley; placement: Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University). 
  • Baquedano, Felix “Increasing Incomes of Cotton Farmers in Mali: Effects of Price Increases, Productivity Gains, and Alternative Crops” (Advisor: John Sanders; placement: Economist, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). 
  • Bista, Bhawna “Corn-to-Ethanol Dry Mill Plants: Economic Evaluation of Technology and Location Choice” (Advisors: Wallace Tyner and Paul Preckel; placement: Post-doc). 
  • Brown, Jason P. “Spatial Dynamics of Capital Formation in U.S. Manufacturing” (Advisor: Raymond Florax; placement: Research Economist, UDSA/ERS Current position: Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City). 
  • Garcia, Andres F. “Demographic Influences on Economic Growth, Inequality and the Political Economy of Agricultural Policy across Countries” (Advisor: William Masters; placement: The World Bank, Washington, DC). 
  • Kuethe, Todd Henry “Urban Spatial Structure and the Value of Residential Housing” (Advisor: Raymond Florax; placement: Research Economist, USDA/ERS. Current position: Associate Professor, Schrader Endowed Chair in Farmland Economics, Purdue University). 
  • Mishili, Fulgence Joseph “Grain Legumes Trade and Markets: Spatial and Temporal Analysis for Common Beans Trade in Tanzania and Its Neighbors” (Advisor: Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer; placement: Faculty, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania). 
  • Motamed, Mesbah John “Urbanization, Agriculture, and Economic Output: Essays in Economic Geography” (Advisor: Raymond Florax; placement: Research Economist, USDA/ERS). 
  • Pede, Valerien Olivier “Spatial Dimensions of Economic Growth: Technological Leadership and Club Convergence” (Advisor: Raymond Florax; placement: International Rice Research Institute, Philippines). 
  • Solorzano, Carlos Mayen “Economics of Productivity and Farm Structure: A Comparison of Organic and Conventional Dairy Farms in the United States” (Advisor: Joseph Balagtas and Corinne Alexander; placement: Faculty, New Mexico State University, Current position: ChickfilA Azusa, CA). 
  • Villoria, Nelson B. “Three Essays on the Geography of International Trade” (Advisor: Thomas Hertel; placement: GTAP, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University. Current position: Assistant Professor, Kansas State University). 
  • Yigezu, Yigezu Atnafe “The Economics of Integrated Pest Management in Stored Corn” (Advisors: Corinne Alexander and Paul Preckel; placement: Agricultural Economist at ICARDA).

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