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Graduate Student Career Placements

About our graduate studies program:

The agricultural economics curriculum at Purdue University is in the tradition of the Land Grant College philosophy: knowledge for the improvement of the human condition. Sound judgment, rigorous analysis and ability to define and solve problems are the goals of the professional agricultural economist. Our program endeavors to create a challenging environment of scholarship, creativity and freedom of intellectual inquiry.

The Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy programs in Purdue's Department of Agricultural Economics provide excellent preparation for students seeking professional positions in higher education, public service, and private industry. Each program is founded on a strong base in economic theory and quantitative research tools. This training is combined with coursework focusing on applications of theory and analytical methods to problem-solving, in any of the areas of specialization a student chooses. Coursework usually is followed by a research experience that develops the student's ability to apply skills learned in the classroom.

Graduate Student Career Placement

Dr. Jake Ricker-Gilbert is the graduate student placement coordinator for the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue. In this video, he talks about his role as placement coordinator and the ways that the Ag Econ department helps graduate students prepare for the job market.

Recent graduate career placements (select MS or PhD below to view):

Below is a list of positions taken by our recent graduates. Note: the job placement listed on this site is typically the first job taken by the graduate student and may not reflect their current position. 

*We are actively working to update our placements information. Below are a few of our recent placements from our MS and PhD program. We apologize for the delay and hope to provide complete information very soon.

  • Francisco Albert Scott (Ph.D. ’21) Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • Kendra Morrissette (Ph.D. ’21) Consultant, EY
  • Chun Song (Ph.D. ’21) Econometrician, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Rome
  • Alma Cortés Selva (Ph.D. ‘21) Assistant Director for Research, Moody’s Analytics
  • Emiliano López Barrera (Ph.D. ’21) Assistant Visiting Professor, Texas A&M
  • Travis Atkinson (Ph.D. ’20) Associate Economist, NYISO
  • Laura Leavens (M.S. ‘20) Research Analyst, International Food Policy Research Institute
  • Tabitha Nindi (Ph.D. ’20) Research Fellow, Malawi University of Science and Technology
  • Courtney Bir (Ph.D. ’20) Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University
  • Hira Chana (Ph.D. ’19) World Bank, Young Professionals Program

MS Projects, Advisors and Placements, 2009-2017

  • Alwang, Albert “Short-term Returns to Agricultural Household Migration Decisions: Evidence from a Tracking Panel Data Study in Malawi” (Advisor, Jacob Ricker-Gilbert; placement: Analyst, Office of Economic Development, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA). 
  • Barrientos-Blanco “Expected Value of Crossbred Dairy Cattle Artificial Insemination Breeding Strategies in Virgin Heifers and Lactating Cows” (Advisor, Nicole Widmar; placement: PhD program in Dairy Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison) 
  • Carson, Nathaniel “An Examination of the Relationship between Cash Rent Values and Net Crop Returns in Indiana” (Advisor, Michael Langemeier; placement: MS program, University of Chicago) 
  • Chen, Junhong “Two Essays on Chinese Consumer Preferences and Shopping Behaviors for Fresh Food” (Advisor: H. Holly Wang; placement: PhD program, University of Florida) 
  • Dominick, S.R. “Preferences and Willingness to Pay for the Nutritional Attributes of Breakfast Cereal by Midwestern Residents” (Advisor, Nicole Widmar: placement: Instructor, Ivy Tech Community College, Lafayette, IN) 
  • Fenton, Marieke “The Profitability of Cover Crops: Investigating the Effect of Additional Soil Organic Carbon” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: PhD program, University of California, Davis). 
  • Fullerton, Erin C. “Decision Making on Multigenerational Farms” (Advisor: Scott Downey; placement: Extension Economist, Kansas State University) 
  • Johnson, Andrew “Economic Incentives for Aflatoxin Reduction along the Nigerian Maize Value Chain” (Advisors: Joan Fulton and Nicole Widmar; placement: Financial Analyst, Teays River Investments) 
  • Hiramatsu, Tomoko “The effect of Small Business Administration (SBA) Disaster Loans on Revenues of Small Businesses in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina” (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: TBD) 
  • Lira, Steven “Costs and Benefits of Cover Crops: An Econometric Analysis of the Impacts of Cover Crops on Cash Crop Yield on Central and Northeastern Indiana Farms” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Ardmore, OK). 
  • McGarvey, Elspeth “A Stochastic Techno-Economic Analysis of the Catalytic Hydrothermolysis Aviation Biofuel Technology” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Walker Consultants, Indianapolis, IN). 
  • Soldavini, Sabrinna “Determining Switchgrass Breakeven Prices in a Landscape Design System” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: MGT Consulting, Corvallis, OR.) 
  • Trull, Nathanial Trull “Competition Intensity, Feedstock Mix, and the Environmental Footprint of Cellulosic Biofuels” (Advisor: Juan Sesmero; placement: TBD) 


  • Boone, Seth C. “An Indiana County Level Analysis of 2014 Farm Bill Commodity Payments” (Advisor: Roman Keeney; placement: Risk Manager, Cattle Empire, Satanta, Kansas). 
  • Hodde, Whitney L. “The Effect of Climate Change on the Economics of Conservation Tillage: A Study Based on Field Experiments in Indiana” (Advisor: Juan Sesmero; placement: Private Consultant). 
  • Jimenez, Manuel “Measurement and Analysis of Agricultural Productivity in Colombia” (Advisor: Phillip Abbott; placement: PhD program, AGEC Purdue University). 
  • Liu, Yuhang “Measuring the Effect of Cold Storage, Captive Supply, and Concentration on the Marketing Margin in the U.S. Pork Industry” (Advisor: Kenneth Foster; placement: PhD program, AGEC Purdue University). 
  • Mahaffey, Harrison H. “Economic and Environmental Impacts of a Hypothetical Global GMO Ban” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Bunge Corporation, Kansas City). 
  • Marquez Alcala, German A. “The Labor Market Consequences of Endogenous Low-Skill Migration with a Market-Based Immigration Policy” (Advisor: Thomas Hertel; placement: PhD program, University of Michigan). 
  • Matin, Saima “Economic Viability of Flexible Biogas Pumps in Bangladesh” (Advisor: Juan Sesmero; placement: Instructor, Ivy Tech Community College). 
  • Morgan, Carissa J. “Investigating U.S. Resident Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility in Food and Agriculture” (Advisor: Nicole Widmar; placement: Office for Study Abroad, Purdue University). 
  • Ringleberg, Josiah M. “Mergers and Acquisitions in Food and Agribusiness: Returns, Drivers, and Long Run Performance” (Advisors: Michael Gunderson and Michael Boehlje; placement: GreenStone FCS, Michigan) 
  • Osborn, Amie N. “Age Demographics and Farm Real Estate Values” (Advisor: Jason Henderson; placement: Assistant Vice President for Commercial and Agricultural Lending, First Farmers Bank and Trust, Converse, Indiana). 
  • Scott, Francisco A. “Firm Demography and Location Decisions in the United States After 1990” (Advisor: Raymond Florax; placement: PhD program, AGEC, Purdue University). 
  • Van Dop, Molly “Irrigation Adoption, Groundwater Demand and Policy in the U.S. Corn Belt, 2040-2070” (Advisor: Benjamin Gramig; placement: PhD program, UC Berkeley). 
  • Vielma Delano, Sofia “An Economic Assessment of Household Unwanted Medicine Disposal Programs” (Advisor: Kwamena Quagrainie; placement: PhD program, AGEC, Purdue University). 


  • Aghasili, Onyekachi U. “Fuel Choice, Acute Respiratory Infection and Child Growth in Uganda” (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: HealthMarkets, Inc., Houston, TX). 
  • Camp, Kevin “Job Mobility Among Young College Graduates” (Advisor: Brigitte Waldorf; placement: US Department of Labor, Washington, DC). 
  • Ghambi, Daniel “Market Participation and Profitability of Cotton Production in Malawi” (Advisor: Jacob Ricker-Gilbert; placement: Malawi, deceased). 
  • Hettich, Rachel “Carbon Sequestration via Forestry in Maryland: A Cost-Benefit Assessment” (Advisor: Philip Abbott; placement:Investigator in the Market Regulation Department, CME Group, Chicago, IL). 
  • Iglesias, Maria “Does A Family-First Philosophy Affect Family Business Profitability? An Analysis of Family Businesses in the Midwest” (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, Spain). 
  • Leirer, Joshua S.L. “Are Cover Crops Worth It? It Depends” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Private Consulting, New York). 
  • Li, Jiayu “Tracking Sales Activities in Agribusiness” (Advisor: Scott Downey; placement: MS program, Georgetown University, Washington, DC). 
  • Lunik, Elizabeth “International Comparison of Cost Efficiency of Corn and Soybean Production” (Advsior, Michael Langemeier; placement: Thunen Instutute, Braunscheig, Germany). 
  • Musselman, Ryan “Stages of Succession Planning and Factors of Transferring Management and Ownership for the Family Agribusiness” (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: Advisor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University). 
  • Sheng, Homan (Advisor: Juan Sesmero; placement: Training and Organizational Development, Wabash National Corporation, Lafayette, IN). 


  • Ahmadi, Amir “Keynesian Input-Output Multiplier Model in Economic Impact Analysis: Purdue’s International Capacity Building Projects, 1951-2011” (Advisor: James Lowenberg-Deboer; placement: Adjunct Faculty, Kentucky Christian University, Grayson, KY). 
  • Bittner, Amanda “Field to Flight: A Techno-economic Analysis of Stover to Aviation Biofuels Supply Chain” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: INFORMA, Memphis, TN). 
  • Bourquard, Brian “An Economic Analysis of Sizing Constraints” (Advisor: Steven Wu; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Carnegie Andrews, Rachel A. “Evolution of Food Quality Demand in the Food Service in China: The Case of Duck” (Advisor: H. Holly Wang; placement: Data Analyst at Buxton, Dallas, TX). 
  • DeKryger, Nichols “Comparative Analysis of the True Profitability between Genetic Multiplication and Terminal Pig Production” (Advisor: Michael Gunderson; placement: Belstra Milling Company, DeMotte, IN). 
  • Erangu Purath Mohankumar, Sajeev “Profit-Maximizing Responses to Climate change in Commodity Agriculture: Does Adaptation Matter?” (Advisor: Benjamin Gramig; placement: PhD program, Karl-Franzens-Universitat Graz, Austria). 
  • Jellicoe, Michaela “Underground Natural Gas Storage: An Examination of Property Values in Indiana” (Advisor: Michael Delgado; placement: Economic Analyst, Community Attributes Inc., Bainbridge Island, WA). 
  • Jung, Jinho “Economic and Policy Analysis for Solar PV Systems in Indiana” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Hedge, Kendra Marie “Producer Perceptions of their Use of Time and Various Areas of Risk in their Business” (Advisor: Elizabeth Yeager; placement: Farmers Bank, Frankfort, IN). 
  • Holland, Jacqueline Kaye “Two Essays on Large Agricultural Producer Buying Behaviors” (Advisor: Michael Gunderson; placement: PhD program, Colorado State University). 
  • Iest, Jacob “Price Impacts of Increased Peruvian Table Grape Supply” (Advisor: Michael Gunderson; placement: Dairy farmer, California) 
  • Mbulukwa, Mphatso Charity “Analyzing the Importance of Diversifying Beyond Tobacco for Small-Scale Farmers in Malawi” (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: Malawi). 
  • McCarty, Tanner J. “Uncertainty, Irreversibility, and Investment in Second-Generation Biofuels” (Advisor: Juan Sesmero; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • McCoy, Stacy A. “Quality and Safety Attributes of Sun-Dried Raisins from Afghanistan” (Advisor: Kevin McNamara; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Qian, Jianghi “Breakthrough of Sub-Saharan Africa’s Agricultural Production in the 21st Century: The Role of Foreign Aid” (Advisor: Philip Abbott; placement: Bank, Beijing, China). 
  • Smith, Timothy “Understanding Childhood Malnutrition in Nepal: A Hierarchical Regression Approach” (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Tobin, John “An Analysis of Marketing Margins in the US Beef Industry” (Advisor: Michael Boehlje; placement: Market Analyst, AHDB, Warwick, England). 
  • Vasquez Panizza, Rodrigo Arturo “Market Power Estimation in the Chilean Cattle Market” (Advisor: Joseph Balagtas; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Yao, Guolin “Determinants of Energy Efficiency Across Countries” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Young, Jeffrey “Competition Between Private Labels and National Brands: Empirical Evidence from Homscan Data on Fluid Milk Markets” (Advisor: Joseph Balagtas; placement: PhD program, Purdue University) 

  • Broughton, Megan “Economic Activity Associated with the Aquaculture Industry in the State of Indiana” (Advisor: Kwamena Quagrainie; placement: Purdue Extension, Washington County, Indiana). 
  • Cook, Aaron “Climate Change in Malawi: Household Level Impacts and Adaptations” (Advsiors: Jacob Ricker-Gilbert and Juan Sesmero; placement: PhD program, Penn State University). 
  • Giraldo, Juan “An Economic Analysis of the Electricity Generation Potential from Biogas Resources in the State of Indiana” (Advisor: Paul Preckel; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Hao, Jing “Explaining Patterns of Malnutrition Among Children in Uganda” (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: Supply Chain Manager at Theranos, Palo Alto, CA). 
  • Hu, Zhihua “Are the U.S. Crop Insurance Premiums Fair Across Regions and Crops?” (Advisor: Timothy Baker; placement: Risk Management Specialist, Home Credit, Inc.) . 
  • Josephson, Anna “How Population Density Influences Agricultural Intensification and Productivity: Evidence from Ethiopia” (Advisor: Jacob Ricker-Gilbert; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Kadjo, Kadjo Didier “Effects of Pest Damage and Grain Management Practices on Storage Behavior and Market Prices: Insights from Benin” (Advisors: Jacob Ricker-Gilbert and Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Kumaraswamy, Gautam “An Evaluation of Improved Dairy Feed Adoption in Nicaragua” (Advisor: John Sanders; placement: Government of Jamaica). 
  • Lord, Emily “Expected Value of Beef Reproduction Strategies: Sexed Semen AI, Conventional Semen AI, and Natural Breeding” (Advisor: Nicole Olynk Widmar; placement: Dixondale Farms, Texas). 
  • McKendree, Melissa Short “Exploring Consumer Preferences for Animal Care and Rearing Practices Across Species and Products” (Advisor: Nicole Olynk Widmar; placement: PhD program, Kansas State University). 
  • Sununtnasuk, Celeste “Child Nutrition, Agricultural Production and Satellite Remotely Sensed Images: Exploring Linkages in Nepal” (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, DC). 
  • Song, Jingyu “A Spatially Explicit Watershed Scale Optimization of Cellulosic Biofuels Production” (Advisor: Benjamin Gramig; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Wendler Henly, Haley “The Impact of Identity Preservation of Specialty Soybeans as Measured by Additional Costs Along the Value Chain” (Advisor: Joan Fulton; placement: Capital Farm Credit, College Station, TX). 
  • Zhang, Tong “Manager’s Perceptions of Categories of Training Needs” (Advisor: Scott Downey and Maria Marshall; placement: Payment Analyst, Huawei Technologies, San Francisco, CA). 
  • Zou, Hao “Why Are College Tuition and Fees Rising So Fast” (Advisor: Lawrence DeBoer). 


  • Allcorn Munns, Anna Lee “Economic Based Decision Support to Promote Sustainable Small Scale Livestock Enterprises to Potential Industry Entrants” (Advisor: Joan Fulton; placement: JBS, Greeley, CO). 
  • Fiegel Terlip, Julie “Development of a Viable Corn Stover Market: Impacts on Corn and Soybean Markets” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Sr. Operations Analyst at eRecyclingCorps, Kansas City, MO). 
  • Foltz Wiatt, Renee “Family Business Decision-Making: Factors and Influences on Choosing a Successor” (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: Montgomery County Ag and Natural Resources Extension Educator, Purdue University). 
  • Gao, Yuan “Comparing Flexible Cash Rent Leases to Crop Share and Fixed Cash Rent Leases” (Advisor: Craig Dobbins; placement: PhD program, Carnegie Mellon University). 
  • Garcia Gomez, Gabriel “The Economic Impact of the New Insensitive Sorghum Cultivars in the Dairy Market of Nicaragua” (Advisor: John Sanders; placement: PhD program, University of Nebraska). 
  • Ji, Tianyun “The Economics of Cellulosic Biofuels: Farm to Fuel Cost Analysis of the Supply Chain” (Advisor: Benjamin Gramig; placement: Purchasing Specialist, AGCO Corporation, Jiangsu, China). 
  • Jones, Michael “Measuring the Value of African Smallholder Grain Protection: Two Essays on Storage Economics and Market Valuation of Maize Attributes in Malawi” (Advisors: Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer and Corinne Alexander; placement: PhD program, NC State University). 
  • Jones, Nicole “Exploratory Study of Conflict and the Family Business Agreement” (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: PhD program, Texas A&M University). Lai, John “Identifying the Gaps in Necessary Capabilities for Agribusiness Managers in a Dynamic Agricultural Industry” (Advisor: Allan Gray; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Li, Shasha “Financial Stress Test under Multiple Risks for Representative Farms of Central Illinois” (Advisor: Michael Boehlje; placement: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) 
  • Longley, Joseph “An Analysis of the Restructured Indiana Manufacturing Sector and the Effects of Highways on Economic Growth” (Advisor: Kevin McNamara; placement: Demand Planning Specialist, AGCO Corp., Atlanta, GA). 
  • Munyua, Philip “Two Essays on Technical Efficiency of Aquaculture Production in Kenya: Parametric and Non-Parametric Methodological Approaches” (Advisor: Kwamena Quagrainie; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Ndanga, Leah “Value Chain Development for Tilapia and Catfish Products: Opportunities for Female Participation in Kenya” (Advisor: Kwamena Quagrainie; placement: PhD program, University of Massachusetts, Amherst). 
  • Pratt, Michelle “Synergies Between Cover Crops and Corn Stover Removal” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: ARE Event Productions, Albany, NY). 
  • Timberlake Baumgart, Jordan “Structural Change in Agriculture: Analyzing Strategic Accounts and Retailer Relationships” (Advisors: Brent Gloy and Scott Downey; placement: Agriculture Lending Officer, Citizens National Bank of Albion, Albion, IL). 
  • Veldstra, Michael “To Certify or Not to Certify? Decomposing the Organic Production and Certification Decisions” (Advisor: Corinne Alexander; placement: Sales Demand Analyst, Perrigo, Ada, MI). 
  • Villacis Aveiga, Alexis “Returns to the Introduction of New Sorghum Cultivars Into the Dairy Industry of El Salvador” Advisor: John Sanders; placement: Ambassador, One Young World). 
  • Yang, Lin “Evaluation of Future Fuel Options for Lafayette CityBus” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: PwC Tianjin Branch, China). 


  • Ahmadzai, Hayatullah “On-Farm Grain Storage Losses: Potential Gains From Improved Storage Facility and Management Practices in Afghanistan” (Advisor: Roman Keeney; placement: Faculty, Kabul University). 
  • Allen, Benjamin “An Economic and Emissions Analysis of Electricity Generation Using Biomass Feedstock in Co-Fired and Direct Fired Facilities” (Advisor: Paul Preckel; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Becker Barnard, Jessa M. “An Empirical Analysis of Climate Change Perceptions and Conservation Tillage Practices of Indiana Farmers” (Advisor: Ben Gramig; placement: Adayana Agribusiness Group, Indianapolis, IN; current position Experiential Learning Coordinator, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign). 
  • Burgert, Gloria “Agricultural Large Commercial Producers in Argentina and the United States of America: A Comparative Study” (Advisor: Allan Gray; placement: MAB program coordinator, Kansas State University). 
  • Borchers, Bryce “Risk Management Strategies for Indiana Producers in the Presence of Fertilizer Price Risk” (Advisor: Timothy Baker; placement: Agricultural Investment Analyst, Prudential Financial, Chicago, IL). 
  • Clark, Samuel F. “Imperfect Decisions or Untapped Potential: Indicators of U.S. Household Investment Efficiency” (Advisor: Roman Keeney; placement: Professional Farm Manager & Real Estate Associate, Halderman, Noblesville, IN). 
  • Darko, Francis “Consumer Preference for Farmed Fish in Ghana and Kenya: Opportunities for Domestic Demand-Driven Aquaculture” (Advisor: Kwamena Quagrainie; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Dobis, Elizabeth Ann “A Sociodemographic Analysis of Health Care Utilization in the United States” (Advisor: Raymond J.G.M. Florax; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Flesher, Jenna Nichole “Commodity Price Stabilization Through the Use of Export Taxes in Argentina: A Political Economy Analysis” (Advisor: Philip Abbott; placement: Spanish Teacher, Parker, IN). 
  • Gardner Yvelin De Beville, Paul “Essays on Duck Demand in the United States: Analyzing the Impacts of Economics, Demographic and Food Safety Factors on Consumption” (Advisor: H. Holly Wang; placement: The World Bank, Washington, DC). 
  • Gars, Jared “The Role of Health and Education in Household Labor Allocation and Returns: Evidence from Rural China” (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: PhD program, University of Wisconsin, Madison). 
  • Gvillo, Rejeana Marie “Retail Supply and the Purchase of Midwestern Fresh fish on Ice” (Advisor: Kwamena Quagrainie; placement: Commodity Production Analyst, Informa Economics, Inc., Memphis, TN). 
  • Halimi, Ghulam Hazrat “Can Afghanistan Achieve Self-Sufficiency in Wheat: Limitations Due to Market Integration” (Advisor: Philip Abbott; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Liu, Yangxuan “Alternative Bargaining Model Between Farmers and Brokers” (Advisor: Steven Wu; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Mazunda, John “Improving Forest Management for Sustainable Livelihoods: Measuring the Performance of Malawi’s Forest Co-Management Program” (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: International Food Policy Research Institute, Malawi). 
  • Mitchell, Peter “Location Behavior of USDA Inspected Meat and Poultry Slaughter Plants in the United States: A Spatial Probit Approach” (Advisor: Raymond Florax; placement: Port Authority, Arlington, OR). 
  • Reeling, Carson “Using Carbon Offsets to Fund Agricultural Conservation Practices in a WorkingLands Setting” (Advisor: Benjamin Gramig; placement: PhD program, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI. Current postion: Assistant Professor, Purdue University). 
  • Sowell, Andrew R. “The Economic and Environmental Impacts of Grafted Naranjilla in Ecuador” (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: Agricultural Economist, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service). 
  • Thompson Bottrell , Jena “Corn Stover for Bioenergy Production: Cost Estimates and Farmer Supply Response” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Cargill, Inc.). 
  • Widmar, David Alan “Biological and Economic Implications of Changing Sow Litter Size: Informing On-farm Management and Decision Making” (Advisor: Nicole Olynk; placement: Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University). 


  • Arrington, Kendra Meicole “An Evaluation of Consumer Segments for Farmers’ Markets in Indiana and Illinois” (Advisor: Jennifer Dennis; placement: Washington, DC). 
  • Barthol, Christopher“Liberalization of Ethanol Trade between the U.S. and Brazil in the Presence of a Binding Renewable Fuel Standard” (Advisor: Wallace E. Tyner; placement: Portland, OR). 
  • Brown, Samuel V. “Rural Electric Cooperatives’ Adoption of Renewable Energy Technology” (Advisor: Paul V. Preckel; placement: PhD program, Brown University). 
  • Chen, Yunguang “Essays on Farm Yield Risks and Risk Management Decisions” (Advisor: H. Holly Wang; placement: PhD program, Oregon State University; currently post-doc at Resources for the Future, Washington, DC). 
  • Chibawa, Christopher R. “Measuring the Impacts of Agricultural Input Subsidies on Fertilizer use, Land Allocation and Forest Pressure: Evidence from Malawi’s 2009 Farm Input Subsidy Program” (Advisor: Gerald Shively; placement: USAID, Malawi). 
  • Erickson, Matthew “Economic Analysis of Harvesting Corn Cobs for Biofuel Production” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Chief Economist, Senate Agricultural Committee, Washington, DC). 
  • Fahie, Monique “Cap-and-Trade Policy: The Influence on Investments in C02 Reducing Technologies in Indiana” (Advisor: Benjamin Gramig; placement: USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, Staunton, VA. Current position: US Bureau of Economic Analysis, Washington, DC). 
  • Flaig, Anna L. “Family Business Dynamics: How Marriage and Children Impact Men and Women Entrepreneurs Differently” (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: Fertilizer Risk Manager, Cargill). 
  • Hamidi, Parwin “Livestock Management and Marketing in Afghanistan” (Advisors: Kevin McNamara and H. Holly Wang; placement: Development NGO, Tajekistan). 
  • Liu, Chen “US Dollar Exchange Rate and Crude Oil Price: A Common Driver Explanation” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Informa). 
  • Mane, Kate Marie “Wage Outcomes of Albanian Immigrants in the United States” (Advisor: Brigitte Waldorf; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Moll, David C. “Evaluating Crop Insurance and Marketing Strategies for Indiana Corn and Soybean Producers” (Advisors: George F. Patrick and Corinne Alexander; placement: Michigan State University). 
  • Navarro, Julia Isabel “Economic Analysis of double Cropping Systems in Central Indiana: Winter Wheat, Corn, Sorghum, Sweet Sorghum and Soybeans” (Advisors: Craig Dobbins and Lori Snyder; placement: PhD program in Marketing, University of Wyoming). 
  • Ogle Truax, Tamara M. “Income Transfer Efficiencies of U.S. Farm Payment Programs” (Advisor: Roman Keeney; placement: ANR/ECD Educator, Purdue Extension, Crawfordsville, IN). 
  • Rankin, Amber “Sustainability Strategies in Agribusiness: Understanding Key Drivers, Objectives, and Actions” (Advisor: Allan Gray; placement: Director of Budgets & Analysis, The Wine Group, Tracy, CA). 
  • Remble, Amber Ann “Two Essays on Long-Run Objectives of the Family Farm” (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: Faculty, University of Wisconsin: River Falls). 
  • Rosch, Stephanie “Long-Term Contracts for Commodity Biofuel Crops” (Advisor: Steven Yu-Ping Wu; placement: PhD program, Purdue University. Current position: USDA-ERS). 
  • Smith, Joyia T. “Shopping Behavior in Food Retail Markets: Consumer Types and Methods” (Advisor: Susan Chen; placement: Budget and Legislative Analyses, USDA). 
  • Urick Carrier, Danielle “A Stochastic Economic Analysis of Nitrogen Application Rates to Corn in Indiana: Decision-making in an Environment of Increased Volatility” (Advisor: Nicole Olynk; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Yoder, Joshua Ryan “Risk Versus Reward, A Financial Analysis of Contract Use Implications to the Miscanthus Lignocellulosic Supply Chain” (Advisor: Steven Wu; placement: The Ohio State University College of Business). 

  • Baldos, Uris Lantz Caldo “A Sensitivity Analysis of the Lifecycle and Global Land Use Change Greenhouse Gas Emissions of U.S. Corn Ethanol Fuel” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: PhD program, Purdue University. Current position: Research Professor, Purdue University). 
  • Clark Suttles, Shellye A. “Women, Goal Orientation, and Success: A Family Business Perspective” (Advisor: Maria Marshall; placement: PhD program, Purdue University. Current position: Research Economist, USDA ERS, Washington, DC). 
  • Hall , Tanya J. “Sustainable Floriculture Practices and Certification: Growers’ Barriers to Adoption” (Advisor: Jennifer Dennis; placement: Community Development Regional Extension Educator, Purdue University). 
  • Lee, Tani S. “Risk Management by Smallholder Farmers in the Mangochi District of Southern Malawi” (Advisor: Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer; placement: USDA). 
  • Lu, Liwei “Assessment of the Reliability of Indiana’s Electricity Generation System” (Advisor: Paul V Preckel; placement: PhD program, Purdue University). 
  • Mize, Amanda Helen “Sales Training Impact Ratio: A Model for Evaluating and Managing Sales Training” (Advisor: Michael Boehlje and Scott Downey; placement: Credit Analyst, Hickory Point Bank and Trust, Decatur, IL). 
  • Moag, Griffin P. “Performance and Risk of Agricultural Assets: A Time-Varying Approach” (Advisor: Tim Baker; placement: Asset Manager, Cottonwood Ag Management, Greater Seattle Area). 
  • Mupanda, Knowledge “Market Access, marketing Behavior and Technical Efficiency Among Farming Households in Mozambique” (Advisor: William Masters; placement: Senior Analyst/Developer, American Airlines, Dallas, TX). 
  • Rismiller, Craig William “Cellulosic Biofuels Analysis: Case Study of Biofuel Comparison Economics and Road Infrastructure Impacts” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Owner, REI Capital Group, LLC and Operations Analysis Manager, Capital One, Chicago, IL). 
  • Ortega, David Leonardo “Essays on Meat Demand in China” (Advisor: H. Holly Wang; placement: PhD program, Purdue University. Current position: Assistant Professor, Michigan State University). 
  • Simon Dedel, Delphine “Economic Analysis of the Potential of Cellulosic Biomass in France From Agricultural Residues and Energy Crops” (Advisor: Wallace Tyner; placement: Bordeaux, France). 
  • Suttles, Joseph “Input Suppliers’ Perception of Farmer Attitudes and the Influence on Financial Performance” (Advisor: Allan Gray; placement: Analyst, Teays River Investments, LLC, Indianapolis, IN). 
  • Woods, Dulani “Organic and Conventional Agriculture: A Comparison of Conventional, Manure, and Legume Systems on Soil Carbon, Soil Nitrogen, Yield, and Economic Returns from a Long Term System in the Mid-Atlantic” (Advisor: Corinne Alexander; placement: Quantitative Analyst, RAND Corporation).

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