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April 2022 - Graduate Student Research Issue

The Purdue Ag Econ Report "Graduate Student Research Issue" features a selection of research from current AgEcon graduate students. The issue was edited by Ph.D. Candidate, Mario Ortez. Read the full issue at: https://purdue.ag/paer.

January 2022 - Annual Outlook Issue

The Purdue Agricultural Economics Report’s annual outlook issue is intended as a roadmap for understanding the challenges facing the agricultural economy. For 2022, Purdue experts cite inflation and COVID-19 uncertainty, as key issues that will impact food prices, general economy performance, farm costs and returns, farm financials, and household economics. Read the full issue at: https://purdue.ag/paer.

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January 2022: Purdue Ag Econ Report's Agricultural Outlook for 2022

  • General economic outlook, Larry DeBoer
  • COVID-19 impacts on households, Maria Marshall
  • Economic policy and trade, Russell Hillberry
  • Economic shocks and the farm bill, Roman Keeney
  • Food price inflation, Jayson Lusk
  • Dairy outlook, Nicole Olynk Widmar
  • Crop costs and returns guide, Michael Langemeier
  • Land values and cash rents, Todd Kuethe
  • Agricultural credit trends, Brady Brewer & Todd Kuethe

April 2022: Graduate Student Research Issue

  • State Of The Graduate Program, April 2022
    • Dr. Nicole Olynk Widmar, Professor of Agricultural Economics
  • Valuation Of Land Grant University Education Under COVID-19: Students’ Willingness-To-Pay For Alternative Study Options
    • Yizhou Hua, Ph.D. Candidate; Holly Wang, Professor of Agricultural Economics; and Christine Wilson, Professor & Associate Dean at College of Agriculture
  • A Good Time To Understand The Agricultural Supply Chain
    • Dr. Francisco Scott, Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • Evaluating USDA’s Farm Debt Forecast
    • Pedro Antonio Diaz Cachay, Masters Student; Dr. Todd Kuethe, Associate Professor and Schrader Endowed Chair in Farmland Economics
  • Informativeness Of USDA’s Agricultural Export Projections
    • Hari P. Regmi, Ph.D. Student; and Todd H. Kuethe, Associate Professor and Schrader Endowed Chair in Farmland Economics
  • Do Government Farm Support Programs Affect The Adoption Of Farm Technology And Sustainable Production Practices?
    • Haden Comstock, M.S. Student; Nathan DeLay, Assistant Professor
  • Food Production And Population Growth: A Cautionary Tale
    • Mario Ortez, Doctoral Candidate
  • Chicken Labels: How Do Consumer Beliefs Impact Preference For Labels? 
    • Zach Neuhofer, Doctoral Candidate
  • Digital Agriculture And Rural Broadband
    • Douglas Abney, M.S. Student; Brady Brewer, assistant professor of agricultural economics; and Nathan DeLay assistant professor of agricultural economics
  • Anything But Overprediction: USDA Milk Price Forecasts
    • Chad Fiechter, Doctoral Student
  • Key Takeaways From “Commitment Behaviour In The World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement”
    • Hillberry And Zurita (2022), Carlos Zurita, Doctoral Candidate

April - Graduate Student Research Issue

  • COVID-19 Disruptions To Indiana Food Supply Chain
  • All Correlations Go To 1 In A Crisis: The Cattle Crush Spread During COVID-19 Crisis
  • Farmland Market Experts Do Not Want To Over-Predict Farmland Price Growth
  • A Gentle Critique Of Agricultural Supply Theory
  • Is The Public Willing To Pay To Curb Microplastic Pollution?
  • Sustainability, Productivity, And Market Access Of Smallholder Sugarcane Farmers: The Case Of Central America
  • Award Winning Graduate Student Research At Purdue Ag Econ

August - Indiana Farmland and Cash Rents Survey Results

  • Indiana Farmland Prices Hit New Record High In 2021
  • 2021 Indiana Pastureland, Hay Ground, And On-Farm Grain Storage Rent
  • Trends In Farmland Price To Rent Ratios In Indiana
  • Indiana Farmland Transactions, 2016 – 2020
  • Indiana Farmland Vs. Alternative Investments

April - COVID-19 impact on agriculture special issue

  • Retail markets get a boost during COVID-19
  • SBA help for small (and family) businesses
  • COVID-19 weakens ethanol demand leading to reduced corn usage forecast
  • Short-term effects of COVID-19 on U.S. soybean and wheat exports
  • Changing crop net return prospects
  • Threats to local government revenues from the coronavirus recession
  • COVID-19 and online grocery prices

July 2020: Indiana Farmland and Cash Rents Survey - August Issue

  • Indiana farmland values increase but signal concern of potential COVID-19 slump
  • 2020 Indiana Pastureland, Hay Ground, and On-Farm Grain Storage Rent
  • Trends in farmland price to rent ratios in Indiana

October 2020: Purdue Ag Econ Report gets a new look and renewed focus for 2020

  • Renee Wiatt and Maria Marshall discuss the challenges of intermingling financial decisions between the household and family business.
  • Larry DeBoer and Extension Educator Tamara Ogle outline upcoming farmland property tax declines across Indiana. 
  • Todd Kuethe summarizes his recent research on the downward bias in USDA’s aggregate farm income forecasts. 
  • Jayson Lusk explains the impact of COVID19 on hog and pork prices.
  • Brady Brewer summarizes key findings of a survey on agribusiness’ use of data conducted by the Department’s Center for Food and Ag Business. 
  • Carson Reeling, Nicole Olynk-Widmar, and Jason Lusk, along with former graduate student Aaron Staples, discuss their research in the market for beer produced using sustainable practices. 
  • The final article in this issue is a tribute, written by Ken Foster, to the recently retired and former PAER Editor, Professor Chris Hurt.

December 2020: Purdue Ag Econ Report's Agricultural Outlook for 2021

  • Farmland values and cash rents
  • Trade policy: What should we expect from a Biden Administration?
  • Agricultural credit: Loans, interest rates, market outlook
  • Dairy marketplace: Supply chain adjustments, consumption shifts
  • Retail food prices: Volatility and uncertainty
  • Purdue crop cost and return guide
  • Corn and soybean markets

June 2019

  • Where’s the Inflation?
  • Indiana Farmland Values & Rents: Opinions from the Indiana Chapter of Farm Managers & Rural Appraisers from February 2019
  • Comparing Crop Costs and Returns Across The Globe 10
  • Small Business Recovery Following a Natural Disaster? 14
  • Corn Storage Returns: Implications for Storage and Pricing Decisions
  • A Closer Look at Recent Variability in On-Farm Corn Storage Returns
  • Soybean Storage Returns: Implications for Storage and Pricing Decisions

August 2019

  • 2019 Indiana Farmland Values and Cash Rents Slide Lower
  • Indiana Farmland Values and Cash Rent Trends and Market Comments
  • 2019 Indiana Pasture Land, Hay Ground, and On-Farm Grain Storage Rent

December 2019 - Outlook Issue for 2020

  • Our Long, Slow, Steady Expansion Should Continue
  • Trade and trade policy outlook for 2020
  • 2020 Outlook: Farm Policy
  • Food Price Inflation is on the Rise Globally but Steady at Home
  • Farmland Market Outlook for 2020
  • Increase in Indiana cash rent seems unlikely in 2020
  • More milk, consolidation continues, but still an improved 2020 price outlook
  • 2020 Purdue Crop Cost & Return Guide
  • 2020 Corn Price Outlook
  • 2020 Soybean Price Outlook


  • Rents for Indiana Pasture Land, Irrigated Land, Hay Ground, and On-Farm Grain Storage in 2017
  • Retirement in the Family Business: Farm and Non-Farm Differences
  • Chinese Tariffs on Soybeans and Pork: U.S. and Indiana Impacts
  • More Indiana Soybean Acres: Global Reasons But Local Implications


  • Block Chain Technology in Food and Agriculture
  • Indiana Animal Agriculture: On the Grow!
  • Farm Growth: Challenges and Opportunities
  • The Role of Grain Markets in the Boom-Moderation Cycle


  • 2018 Indiana Farmland Values - Up, Down, & Sideways
  • 2018 Indiana Pasture Land, Hay Ground, and On-Farm Grain Storage Rent
  • Farmland Assessment for Property Taxes in the Coming Decade
  • Creating a Culture of Collaboration in Family Businesses


  • U.S. Economy Near Capacity Slows Growth Potential
  • The Administrations’ Trade Policy: What It May Mean for the Future!
  • Agricultural Policy Issues Make Some Progress
  • Retail Food Prices
  • It’s All Lower: Cow numbers, Total Milk Production, Forecasted Domestic Use and Milk Prices Too
  • Pork Industry Looking for a Better 2019
  • Corn Prices Have Bullish Potential
  • Soybean Prices Depend on China
  • 2019 Purdue Crop Cost & Return Guide
  • Cash Rents and Farmland Values Remain Under Downward Pressure

February 2017

  • The New Method for Calculating Assessments Will Reduce Taxes for Farmland Owners
  • 2016 Rents for Indiana Pasture Land, Irrigated Farmland, Hay Ground, and On-Farm Grain Storage
  • Impact of Depopulation, Changing Customer Preferences and Increased Banking Regulations on Agricultural Banks
  • The Family Business: Differentiation in Fairness by Leadership Type

June 2017

  • Financial Vulnerability in the Current Downturn: A Stress Test of Midwestern Corn-Soybean Farms
  • Introducing PIFF: The Purdue Initiative for Family Firms!
  • GMOS: Purdue Puts Science Forward for the Public
  • Corn and Soybean Storage Returns in a Wild Decade
  • A Special Thank You to Gerry Harrison

August 2017

  • Indiana Farmland Values and Cash Rents Continue to Adjust
  • Visualizing the Indiana Farmland and Cash Rent Adjustments
  • Views on Fairness in Family Businesses and Financial Performance
  • Hay Ground, and On-Farm Grain Storage Rent
  • Welcome to Our New Department Head, Dr. Jayson Lusk

December 2017

  • Strong U.S. Economy: But a Lid on Growth
  • Trade: NAFTA Uncertainty Looms Over U.S. Ag
  • Farm Policy: Perspectives on the New Farm Bill
  • Low Farm Prices Contribute to Modest Food Price Changes
  • Beef Supply to Rise: Can Strong Demand Hold Cattle Prices?
  • Dairy: “Butter” Hold On: Tight Margins Continue!
  • Pork Industry Favored by Strong 2018 Demand
  • Corn Prices Depressed by Large Inventory
  • Soybeans Pay Bills With Friendly Price Tone
  • 2018 Purdue Crop Cost & Return Guide
  • Cash Rents: Pressure is Downward
  • Farmland Value Outlook

March 2016

  • Farmland Update from Indiana Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers
  • Small Business Administration Disaster Loans after Hurricane Katrina
  • The Agricultural Communications Gap: Agricultural Economics Responds
  • Growing the Pork Industry: Exports to China

June 2016

  • Our New Ag Economy Barometer
  • The Importance of Social Responsibility in Purchase Decisions: A Purdue Student Perspective
  • Communicating with our Consumers: What do Pork Consumers Want? Are Agritourists More Supportive of Agriculture?
  • Genetic Testing for Feedlots: Is it Profitable?
  • Doubling Indiana Pork Production by 2025: An Update

August 2016

  • Indiana Farmland Values and Cash Rents Continue Downward Adjustments
  • Trends in Land Prices, Cash Rents, and Price to Rent Ratios for Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana
  • The Family Business: Identifying a Successor

December 2016

  • Trump’s Election Changes the General Economy Outlook
  • Weak Ag Trade Outlook for 2017
  • Lower Grocery Store Food Prices: Good for Consumers and Bad for Farmers
  • Another Difficult Year for Beef Cattle Producers
  • Milk Prices Expected to Increase with Stable Feed Costs
  • Hog Production Losses Continue
  • High Grain Yields Contribute to Low Prices
  • 2017 Indiana Crop Cost and Expected Returns
  • Farmland Values Face Third Year of Decline/li>
  • Cash Rents to Drop in 2017
  • Financial Outlook Continues to Weaken

April 2015

  • An Update on Indiana Farmland Assessments
  • China: Emerging Opportunity for the U.S. and Indiana Duck Industry
  • Clues to Future Crop Economics From the Past!

June 2015

  • Consumer Perceptions of Animal Agriculture: Farmers, Food Safety, and Meat Products
  • Is Your Farm Labor Efficient?
  • Farmland Property Tax Assessments: Indiana General Assembly Slows the Explosive Growth Rate, For Now
  • International Benchmarks for Corn Production

August 2015

  • The Bears Control the 2015 Indiana Farmland Market
  • Indiana Pasture Land, Irrigated Farmland, Hay Ground, and On-Farm Grain Storage Rent
  • Is Farmland Still an Attractive Investment? An Update

December 2015

  • U.S. Economic Outlook: Slow but Steady Ahead
  • Weak Ag Trade Outlook Drags Farm Income
  • Is the 2014 Farm Bill Working?
  • Food Price Inflation Remains in check
  • Applying the Brakes to Dairy Production Growth
  • Hog Producers Facing Losses
  • Beef Cattle: A Tumultuous Year
  • Grain Prices Remain Depressed
  • 2016 Purdue Crop Cost & Return Guide
  • Times Require Financial Management & a Great Lender
  • Why Farmland Values Will Drop in 2016?
  • Cash Rents Continue to Adjust Downward!

April 2014

  • What Will the 2014 Farm Bill Mean for Midwest Agriculture?
  • Beginning to Evaluate Choices in the Farm Bill
  • Goals of Small Rural Midwestern Businesses

June 2014

  • Weighing Crop Program Alternatives in the 2014 Farm Bill
  • 82nd Annual Indiana Farm Management Tour in DuBois and Spencer Counties
  • Crop Machinery Benchmarks
  • 47th Purdue Top Farmer Conference July 15 and 16
  • Returns to Corn Storage in Recent Boom Years

August 2014

  • A Time of Change? Indiana’s Farmland Market in 2014
  • Indiana Pasture Land, Irrigated Farmland, Hay Ground, and On-Farm Grain Storage Rent
  • Farmland Taxes: The Coming Dilemma of Higher Taxes and Lower Crop Incomes!
  • Is Farmland Currently Priced as an Attractive Investment?

December 2014

  • The Economy Picks Up in 2015
  • Agricultural Trade Prospects Weaken
  • Food Price Inflation to Slow
  • Profits Bloom for Cow-Calf Producers
  • Dairy Enthusiasm Edging Lower
  • Hog Profits Rock in ‘14, Stay Strong in ‘15
  • Grain Outlook: Tight Margin Years
  • Crop Cost Stay High and Returns Collapse
  • Government Program Builds Farm Safety Net
  • Farmland and Cash Rent Outlook

May 2013

  • Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers’ Assessment of Indiana’s Farmland Market
  • Indiana Inheritance Taxes: Are Now Gone!
  • 81st Annual Indiana Farm Management Tour
  • U.S. Farmers Respond to Changing Crop Demands
  • 46th Annual Top Farmer Crop Workshop

August 2013

  • Up Again: Indiana’s Farmland Market in 2013
  • Values & Rents: Irrigated Farmland, Pasture Rent, Hay Ground Rent, and Grain Bin Rent
  • USDA: 2013 Cropland Value by State

December 2013

  • Purdue Economic Outlook For 2014
  • U.S. Economy Has A Hint Of Optimism
  • Farm Bill Soon?
  • Grains Sector To See Moderation
  • Some Input Prices Down, But Not Enough
  • What 2014 Purdue Crop Budgets Are Telling Us?
  • Meat Animal Industries To Rebound
  • Milk Prices Hold Steady: Lower Feed Prices Boost Margins
  • Food Price Inflation To Remain Low
  • Indiana Farm Incomes Drop From Record Highs
  • Farm Finances: Who Could Be In Trouble?
  • Mood Shift for Farmland and Cash Rents

April 2012

  • Why Farm Land Assessments Will Continue to Rise
  • Farm Managers’ and Rural Appraisers’ Assessment of Indiana’s Farmland Market
  • Passing the Farm’s Management to the Next Generation
  • Indiana Farm Management Tour June 20 and 21
  • New Faculty: Dr. Elizabeth Yeager
  • Visiting Faculty: Dr. Nestor Rodriguez

June 2012

  • Job, Jobs, Jobs: Purdue Ag Economics Students Get Them!
  • Ethanol Transforms Indiana Corn Uses
  • Deer and Elk Farming in Indiana: Economic Opportunity for Rural Counties

August 2012

  • Indiana’s Farmland Market Continues Moving Higher!
  • Indiana Pasture Land, Irrigated Farmland, Hay Ground, and On- Farm Grain Storage Rent
  • Tax Implications for the 2012 Drought

December 2012

  • The Bloom to Stay on Indiana Agriculture for 2013
  • U.S. Economy: More Improvement, Maybe
  • Record Exports Due to High Prices, Not Big Buyers
  • Continued High Food Prices for 2013
  • Crop Prospects Remain Positive with Large Uncertainties
  • Total Input Costs to Level Off
  • Crop Economies Favor Corn
  • Dairy Situation Improving After Price/Cost Squeeze
  • Pork and Beef Producers Hope for Better Times by Late- 2013
  • Higher Farmland Values and Cash Rents in 2013

April 2011

  • Are Current Farmland Values Reasonable?
  • Retail Supply and the Purchase of Midwestern Fresh Fish on Ice
  • Farm Mangers and Rural Appraisers Assessment of Indiana’s Land Market
  • New Faculty: Dr. Nelson Villoria/li>
  • New Staff: Jevgenijs Steinbuks
  • 2011 Farm Management Tour

June 2011

  • Wind Farm Development Growing Across Indiana
  • When Times Get Tough: Food Assistance in Indiana
  • Indiana Restructures Its State Budget

August 2011

  • Indiana Farmland Market Continues to Sizzle

October 2011 -- The "2012 Agricultural Outlook" Issue

  • U.S. Economy: Are Opportunities Greater Than Threats?
  • Farm Policy
  • Record Agricultural Trade
  • Food Prices Keep Moving Higher
  • Beef Cattle Numbers Keep Dropping
  • Hog Profits Depend on Corn Price?
  • Butter Softens the Squeeze of Dairy Farm Margins
  • Crop Input Prices Surge
  • What to Plant in 2012? More Corn!
  • Small Corn Crop Means High Prices
  • Soybeans Supplies Tighten
  • Cash Rents Head Upward
  • Farmland Values Have Strong Base

November 2011

  • Managing The Risk – Capturing The Opportunity In Crop Farming
  • New Faculty: Jacob Ricker-Gilbert

February 2010

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Offsets from Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges
  • The Profitability of Transitioning to Organic Grain Crops in Indiana

May 2010

  • The General Assembly Changes the Farm Land Assessment Formula
  • Indiana Manufacturing: The Changing Face of a Manufacturing State
  • Location Determinants of Food Manufacturing in the United States: The Competitiveness of Nonmetropolitan Counties
  • New Faculty
  • 78th Annual Indiana Farm Management Tour

August 2010

  • Indiana Farmland Values & Cash Rents: Renewed Strength in a Weak Economy
  • Changing or Renewing Indiana Cropland Leases

December 2010

  • Two Indianas – A Story of Disparate Growth and Opportunity
  • The Economics of Using Distiller Grains inSmall‐Scale Beef Operations in Indiana
  • The Economics of Harvesting Corn Cobs for Energy
  • Indiana Estate & Family Farm Business Transfer Planning: Individuals, Spouses, Professionals & Family Businesses

February 2009

  • An Update on Farm Land Assessment for Property Taxes
  • Immigrants in Indiana: Where They Live, Who They Are, and What They Do
  • Weather Disasters in Indiana and Taxes
  • Economic Impacts of Foreign Animal Disease
  • Changing Input Costs and Grain Prices: Implications for Crop Selection and Management

May 2009

  • The 2008 Farm Bill ACRE Program: Overview and Analysis for Indiana
  • Indiana in the 21st Century: Urban Growth and Rural Depopulation
  • Today’s Demographics and Farm Characteristics of Large Producers
  • New Faculty
  • 77th Annual Indiana Farm Management Tour

August 2009

  • Indiana Farmland Values & Cash Rents: Relative Calm in a Turbulent Economy

November 2009

  • Indiana’s State Budget, 2009‐2011 and Beyond
  • Choices for Your Farm Operating Loss
  • Purdue Crop Budget Update
  • Estate and Family Business Transfer Planning 2010 Programs
  • 30th Annual Farming Together Workshop at Purdue University

February 2008

  • Evaluating Livestock Risk Protection for Hogs
  • New Faculty

May 2008

  • Return of the Good Times: How Long Will They Last?
  • Indiana's 2008 Property Tax Reforms Part 1
  • New Faculty
  • 76th Annual Indiana Farm Management Tour

July 2008

  • The Future of Indiana Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Key Factors Influencing Opportunities for Indiana Agriculture: The Long View
  • Trends in Indiana Food Processing
  • The Indiana Livestock Sector: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Indiana Grain Production Sector
  • Energy and Biofuels
  • Indiana’s Hardwood Industry – Retaining Market Share
  • Trends in Indiana Specialty Agriculture

August 2008

  • Indiana Farmland Value & Cash Rent Continue Sharp Upward Climb
  • Forecasting the Likely Impacts of Climate Change on Indiana Agriculture
  • Indiana’s 2008 Property Tax Reforms Part 2
  • What’s Happening to the Assessed Value of Farm Land? July 2008

November 2008

  • Assessing the Opportunities for US Pork in China
  • Farmers and the Indiana Sales Tax
  • Farmers' Cost Recovery Alternatives for 2008
  • The Valuation of Bull Characteristics

February 2007

  • Demystifying Hoosier Entrepreneurs
  • Update on Domestic Production Activities Deduction and Agriculture

June 2007

  • How Accessible is Health Care in Your County?
  • Taxes, the Budget, and the 2007 Session of the Indiana General Assembly
  • Legal and Tax Issues
  • The Economic Impact of Indiana's Turfgrass Industry
  • 75th Annual Indiana Farm Management Tour

August 2007

  • Indiana Farmland Values & Cash Rents Jump Upward
  • Food Inflation Perks Up With BioFuels

November 2007

  • Farming in the 21st Century
  • Making the Most of Yield Monitor Data from On-farm Trials using Spatial Analysis
  • Agricultural Outlook for 2008 in a Nutshell: Managing Great Times and Great Risks

January 2006

  • How to Make More Money and Reduce Variability!
  • Indiana's Egg Industry
  • Domestic Production Activities Deduction
  • Seminars in 2006 to Help with Estate and Farm Business Transfer
  • 26th Annual Farming Together Workshop

April 2006

  • Will Higher Fertilizer Prices Drive Adoption of Precision Fertilizer Management?
  • Risk Sharing and Transactions Costs in Producer-Processor Supply Chains
  • The Economic and Environmental Effect of Adding Conservation Buffer Areas in the Matson Ditch Watershed
  • New Generation Grain Marketing Contracts: How Have Producers' Opinions and Usage Changed Between 2003 and 2005

August 2006

  • Indiana Farmland Values Continue to Increase
  • Economic Importance of the Indiana Poultry Industry
  • Economic Importance of the Indiana Dairy Industry

October 2006

  • Excitement, Change, Optimism: Here Comes 2007
  • Are you Updating an Indiana Farmland Lease?

February 2005

  • The Economic Drama of Soybean Rust in 2005
  • Value of More Uniform Nitrogen Application Across the Toolbar
  • 2005 Agricultural Economy Can't Match Last Year
  • Estate & Family Business Transfer Planning Seminar
  • New Faculty

June 2005

  • Cmparing Alternative Indiana Farmland Leases
  • Supporting Entrepreneurship through Business Planning: the AICC Business Planner
  • U.S. Conservation Programs: A Synopsis

August 2005

  • Indiana Farmland Values & Cash Rents Jump Upward

October 2005

  • Cash Market Storage Returns for Corn
  • Indiana's Poultry Meat Industry

February 2004

  • Agricultural Outlook for 2004
  • The Role of Combine Yield Monitors in the Choice of Crop Genetics
  • The Indiana Equine Industry
  • What Landowners and Their Lawyers Should Know About Negotiating Coal, Oil and Gas Lease
  • “Manure” Happens: The Future for Indiana Animal Agriculture
  • Who will benefit from GPS Auto Guidance in the CornBelt?
  • 2004 Top Farmer Crop Workshop

May 2004

  • United States and European Consumer Demand for Genetically Modified Food in an Experimental Market
  • Increasing the Value of Manure with a Variable Rate Fertilization Program
  • Indiana Farm Management Tour
  • Managing the Corn Rootworm Results of an Indiana Farmer Survey
  • 37th Top Farmer Crop Workshop

August 2004

  • Indiana Farmland Values & Cash Rents Continue to Climb
  • The Use of New Generation Grain Marketing Contracts
  • The Impact of Health Information and Women in the Work Force on Aggregate Meat Demand
  • Landlord Knowledge of Farmland Leasing: Do you need a Farm Manager?
  • add item

December 2004

  • Sources of and Responses to Risk: Have Crop Producers' Opinions Changed?
  • 2003 Small Business Indicators
  • Sources of Risk for Hog Producers and Their Responses
  • Hog Producers' Views of Policy Alternatives
  • New Faculty

February 2003

  • Agricultural Income Prospects Turn Upward for 2003
  • How Producers View Risk and Consultants: 2001 Top Farmer Crop Workshop Survey Results
  • Is Your Will Valid?
  • Antitrust Law and the Food and Agricultural Cartels of the 1900s
  • New Faculty

May 2003

  • Will China Become a Net Importer of Meat Products?
  • Risk, Economic Value Added, and Capital Structure
  • Does Brazil Pose a Threat to the U.S. Pork Industry?
  • Department Website a Source of Ag Econ News and Information
  • Indiana Farm Management Tour
  • 36th Annual Purdue Top Farmer Crop Workshop West Lafayette Campus July 20-23, 2003
  • New Faculty

August 2003

  • Indiana Farmland Values & Cash Rents Continue to Increase
  • Country of Origin Labeling
  • New Fence Law Provision
  • Investment in Downstream Publicly Traded Firms as a Vertical Integration Strategy to Increase Returns and Reduce Annual Volatility for Pork Producers
  • Needs Assessment: Quick and Easy
  • Indiana Weed Control Laws
  • Decision Time!

December 2003

  • The Benefits and Costs of Country-of-Origin-Labeling (COOL)
  • Farmland Lease Law
  • Potential Profitability of Feeding Dairy Steers in Indiana
  • Depreciation and Section Expensing
  • New Faculty
  • Decision Time!

March 2002

  • Indiana Manufacturers Employment and Trading: Insights from a Survey
  • Farm Bill Options and Consequences
  • Local and Area Educational Opportunities
  • 35th Annual Purdue Top Farmer Crop Workshop
  • Implications of Banning Packer Ownership of Livestock
  • 70th Annual Indiana Farm Management Tour

June 2002

  • Are Exports a Dependable Base for Farm Prosperity?
  • Doing Good While Doing Well: Conservation In the 2002 Farm Bill
  • Evaluating Cooperation Between Hog Producers and Pork Packers
  • Land Use Team Honored for Educational Efforts
  • 35th Anniversary Top Farmer Crop Workshop Purdue Campus, July 21-24, 2002
  • Farmland Lease Law Reminder
  • Indiana Farm Management Tour

August 2002

  • Indiana Farmland Values & Cash Rents Move Higher
  • Ag Lawyers will Visit Indianapolis
  • Indiana Weed Control Boards
  • Employment and Investment Trends in Indiana Manufacturing
  • Educational Opportunities

September 2002

  • 2002 Farm Bill: Down on the Farm
  • Economics of Site-Specific Lime Management in Indiana
  • Indiana Farmland Lease Law

November 2002

  • Producer Alliances and Value-Added Business Ventures
  • Soybean Production: Competitive Positions of the United States, Brazil,and Argentina
  • Weather and Taxes
  • Farmland Lease Law Update

February 2001

  • The Producer Protection Act - Will It Protect Producers?
  • Global Warming: FAQ’s
  • The Rural/Urban Conflict
  • A Glimpse at the 2001 Ag Outlook
  • Land Use - A Growing Issue
  • Farming on the Fringe - When City and Country Collide - March 21, 2001
  • Improving Farm Financial Performance
  • New Staff

May 2001

  • aWhat Is the Economic Impact from Foot and Mouth Disease and What Should We Do About It
  • Local Cooperative Restructuring
  • Precision Agriculture Profitability: Implications for Land Values and Leasing
  • Weed Control Boards
  • New Faculty
  • 34th Annual Purdue Top Farmer Crop Workshop
  • 69th Annual Indiana Farm Management Tour
  • Possible Departmental Name Change(Please Respond)

September 2001

  • Indiana Farmland Values Continue to Increase
  • Changes in the Federal Estate Tax
  • Windpower: Green Source of Electricity or Just a Lot of Air?
  • Ag Economy 2002
  • The Value of Waiting to Invest in a Cooperative Hog Slaughter Plant
  • Crop and Revenue Insurance Alternatives

December 2001

  • Outlook for 2002
  • Protecting Farm Revenues with Pre-Harvest Pricing and Insurance

March 2000

  • Agricultural Biotechnology: What’s all the fuss about?
  • The U.S. Economy, 2000: A New Track Record
  • The World Trade Talks: Seattle And Its Aftermath
  • Financial Performance: Measurement and Analysis
  • Economists See Improvements for Some Sectors of Indiana Farm Economy
  • New Ag Econ Faculty

July 2000

  • Can I Repay? Managing Farm Debt Repayment Capacity
  • What’s the Right Rent Now? How Can it Be Kept Right Easily?
  • Environmental Awareness and Attitudes: Large-Scale Farmers and the General Public.
  • Early 21st Century Farm Management on Display State Farm Management Tour, North Lafayette Area, July 5-6, 2000
  • 33rd Annual Top Farmer Crop Workshop Purdue campus, July 16-19
  • New Ag Econ Faculty

September 2000

  • Indiana Land Values Rise
  • 2000 Purdue Income Tax School Programs
  • Too Good To Last? The Outlook for the U.S. Economy in 2001
  • Outlook Meetings
  • Electricity Deregulation in Indiana
  • Legal Points for Indiana Farmland Leases
  • Producers’ Adjustments to “Freedom to Farm”
  • New Ag Econ Staff

December 2000

  • China: Future Customer or Competitor in Livestock Markets?
  • What Do Locally Owned Cooperative in Indiana Look Like?
  • The Law Behind Planning and Zoning

March 1999

  • Agriculture Will Turn Up, But Just a Bit In 1999
  • Lysine: A Case Study in International Price Fixing
  • Food System 21: Gearing Up for the New Millennium - Part IV Beef Sector
  • Critical Questions About the Farm Crisis: Causes and Remedies
  • Estate and Business Transfer Planning Seminars
  • New Staff

June 1999

  • Trade Negotiations Coming Again Soon
  • Marketing Value-Added Grains and Oil seeds
  • Deciding to Switch to Narrow-Row Corn
  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances Help Local Farm Supply and Grain Marketing Cooperative Remain Profitable
  • New Ag Econ Faculty

September 1999

  • Indiana Land Values Decline
  • Large-Scale Farmers’ Views of Sources and Responses to Risk
  • New Ag Econ Faculty
  • Upcoming Events: Farm Management Day, Farm Management Tour, Farming Together Workshop
  • Outlook Meetings Sept.- Dec. 1999

December 1999

  • Responding to Financial Stress What are the Options?
  • Recreation Demand at Indiana State Parks
  • Estate & Business Transfer Planning: Individuals, Spouses, and Family Businesses
  • GPS Based Guidance Systems for Farmers
  • Private Property: Rights, Responsibilities, & Limitations
  • 20th Annual Farming Together Workshop

January 1998

  • Estate and Gift Tax Changes in the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997
  • An Economic Comparison between Endophyte-infected Fescue and Other Forage Alternatives
  • New Environmental Standards Are Important to Hoosier Producers and Consumers: ISO 14000
  • 1st Farm Advisory Board Workshop

May 1998

  • Food System 21: Gearing Up for the New Millennium - Part I
    • International Trade
    • Hog/Pork Sector
  • Economics of Variable Rate Planting by Yield Potential Zones
  • Manufacturing in the Indiana Economy
  • Indiana Farm Fence Law
  • The Asian Economic Crisis: Does It Matter to U.S. Agriculture?
  • 31st Annual Purdue Top Farmer Crop Workshop
  • 66th Annual State Farm Management Tour

September 1998

  • Land Values Continue Rise
  • Ag Outlook '99
  • New Generation Cooperatives
  • Food System 21: Gearing Up for the New Millennium - Part II
    • Consumer Demand for Food
    • Grains and Oil Seeds Sector
  • Global Warming, A Perspective for Indiana Agriculture
  • Economic Impact of Indiana’s Poultry Industries
  • Risk Management: Farming’s Frontier Workshop
  • Farm Progress Show- Sept. 29-30 & Oct. 1 Ag Econ Booth

December 1998

  • The Global And National Economic Environment
  • Crop Insurance Alternatives Expand
  • Announcing Purdue’s New Executve MBA in Food and Agricultural Business
  • Conservation Easements in Indiana
  • Food System 21: Gearing Up for the New Millennium - Part III
    • Grains and Oil Seeds Sector
  • Tax Planning in Difficult Times
  • New Ag Econ Facultyadd item

August 1997

  • Land Values Rise Again
  • Schedule for 1997 Agricultural Outlook Meetings
  • 100 Years of Indiana Agriculture: 1895 - 1995
  • Federal Pesticide Regulation: Recognizing Economics of Use and Consumer Safety
  • Legal Aspects of Indiana Farmland Leases
  • Farmland Leases: Truths, Part-Truths, and Un-Truths

November 1997

  • Bumpy Road to Adoption of Precision Agriculture
  • Income Tax Aspects of the Taxpayers Relief Act of 1997
  • Spotlight: Dr. Joan R. Fulton
  • Manufacturing Growth in Indiana
  • Key Estate and Gift Tax Law Amendments
  • Using Budgets to Establish 1998 Rents

August/September 1996

  • Indiana Land Values Surge!
  • More Grains for China by 2000
  • Just How Important is the Food and Agricultural System in Indiana?
  • Alternative Retirement Investments for Farmers
  • Attend Your Ag Outlook Update

January 1995

  • Gains For Agriculture In the GATT Agreement
  • Impact of Risk and Other Factors on Grain Marketing Behavior
  • How Export Subsidies Affect Farmers and Others!
  • Mandatory Catastrophic Crop Insurance!
  • How Accurate are USDA’s Corn and Soybean Supply and Use Estimates?
  • 1995 Purdue Ag Forum Program

August 1995

  • Indiana Land Values Rise Another Seven Percent
  • Ways To Finance and Organize Your Farm Business: How To Choose!
  • Some Think Government Program Cuts Might Drop Land Values Only Modestly
  • State Branding Programs for Indiana Food Products: Consumer and Food Industry Response
  • Issues Facing the U.S. Dairy Industry: 1995 and Beyond
  • Comparing Your Farm’s Labor Performance

April 1994

  • Changing Times: A Farmer’s Perspective
  • You Need to Re-evaluate Crop Insurance!
  • Optimum Hog Marketing Weights With Higher Feed Prices
  • Off-Farm Employment and Earnings Among Indiana Farm Households
  • 1994 State Farm Management Tour

August 1994

  • Land Values Jump by 10 Percent
  • The Economic Impact of Hog Production in Indiana, 1991
  • The 1995 Farm Bill: Preferences of Indiana Farmers
  • Professional Opportunities For Agricultural Economics Graduates
  • Making Farm Credit Decisions

March 1993

  • Cost Structure and Control: The Dominant Issues in Farm Management
  • Government Program Decisions for 1993
  • Records Show Large Farm Income Differences
  • Sources of Information For Large Cornbelt Farmers
  • Farm Management Tour

June 1993

  • Top Grain Farmers View Farming in 2000
  • Potential Impacts On Indiana Agriculture of Proposed Federal Tax and Spending Changes
  • Purdue Top Farmer Crop Workshop
  • Land As An Investment
  • Converting Swine Grower-Finishing to All-In-All-Out: Will It Pay?
  • Marketing Services Desired from Grain Elevators

August 1993

  • Statewide Farmland Values Continue Modest Increase
  • Can Indiana Farmers Make Money Producing Catfish?
  • Hog Production Booms In North Carolina: Why There? Why Now?
  • Agricultural Producers: Today and Tomorrow
  • 1993 National Conference for Agribusiness – Marketing to the Commercial Producer
  • What the 1992 Farm Records Show
  • 1993-1994 Outlook Meetings

December 1993

  • Results of the Indiana Farm Finance Survey for 1993*
  • The Agricultural Implications of the North American Free Trade Agreement*
  • Does No-Till Spark Lease Changes?

March 1992

  • Markets, Contracts, and Intergration as Methods to Link Farm Production with Food Processing
  • Gove Your Farm a Business Performance Checkup
  • Where Will Indiana Farmers with Physical Disabilities Find Jobs?
  • Government Program Decisions for 1992
  • Farm Decision-Makers' View of the Future
  • Tax Tips for 1991-92

June 1992

  • Bringing On-Farm Fluid Fertilizer Storage into Compliance: What Will it Cost?
  • Visit the 1992 Indiana and Ohio Farm Management Tour
  • Can Moderate-Sized Swine Enterprises on Diversified Farms Compete with Large, Specialized Units?
  • Indiana Agriculture 2000: A Strategic Perspective
  • Top Farmer Crop Workshop

August 1992

  • Statewide Farmland Values Modestly Higher
  • Agricultural Development in Eastern Germany: Some Early Patterns
  • American Farmers: Environmental Stewards or Ravagers of the Land?
  • Indiana Restaurants: A Promising Market for Indiana Aquaculture
  • Outlook Meetings Schedule

March 1991

  • Evaluating Participation in the 1991 Government Farm Program
  • Economic Impacts of Reduced Fertilizer and Pesticide Use: A Complex Question
  • Manufacturing Investment: How is Indiana Doing?
  • Economic Implications of Alternative Ractopamine Dosages on Hogs
  • The Desirability of Farming as a Vocation

June 1991

  • Fixing Crop Insurance: Farmer Responses and Policy Implications
  • Live Hog Futures Lack Forecast Accuracy
  • Crop Intensification vs. Production of a New Crop to Raise Farm Income?
  • Reforms on Private Polish Farms: Can the Five-Acre Family Farm Survive?
  • add item

August 1991

  • Farmland Values Edge Upward
  • 1991-92 Outlook Meetings Schedule
  • Liquid Fertilizer Spills in Indiana
  • Some Essential Truths About Human Economic Behavior

November 1991

  • Results of the Indiana Farm Finanace Survey for 1991
  • Machinery Replacement: Tax Implications of Trading vs. Sale-Purchase Options
  • Indiana Land Values and Ag Enrollment

March 1990

  • Trade Prospects for Eastern Europe and U.S. Farm Commodities
  • Pasture Rental Rates Rise in 1989
  • Getting the Government our of Agriculture: Lessons from New Zealand
  • Record High Milk Prices: What Lies Ahead?

June 1990

  • Land Values Increase, But at a Slower Pace
  • Impact of Ractopamine use on Hog Slaughter Weights, Feeding Period, and Returns with a Lean-Value Pricing System
  • Fall Outlook Meetings
  • U.S. Farmers' Agricultural and Trade Policy Preferences
  • Indiana Farm Operators Evaluate Community Services, Facilities, and Economic Conditions

August 1990

  • 1990 Indiana Farm Finance Survey
  • The 1990 Farm Bill: Basic Provisions and Implications
  • Alternative Agricultural Systems and Environmental Quality
  • Sources of Cycles in the United States Beef Industry

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